Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Good Friday

I never thought I'd be this excited to watch the Royal Wedding on TV. I mean, come to think about it - I was alone, while waiting for the night to come and Zukry to arrive from Labuan... I was watching the whole thing on TLC.

The 'pengantin' was so beautiful together and apart. Isn't Kate lovely? Her takes on the royal wave was perfect. She's glowing, she's just happy :) and Prince William, with his hat on - DREAMMMMMMMMMY! Without, so-so. Which is good, takdelah terasa kehilangan sangat! Haha!

I miss the live second kiss... but has watched it on youtube almost immediately. The first one was an awe moment for me. I was waiting for it anyways... Hihi.

Anyway, the not so great part about today is that Zukry's flight is delayed. The weather has not been that good kot. Hujan tadi, tapi sebelum tu it was really hot. But, what's coming is a long weekend. Monday is a holiday! :) Yeay...

* I wonder how much is the Queen's handbag... i mean the price... It looks so biasa... is it of any label? while we are all into labels, I wonder if she cares... :)

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