Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I can't really stop going oooohhh, aaaah, when I went online and googled pictures of the Royal Wedding. I mean, seriously - this is how we should enjoy the long weekend. With a lot of pictures of the most memorable wedding of the decade! :) Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...

These are all from Yahoo! I just got to share :)

The second wedding dress. She really is going minimalist on her choice of dresses...

Look at how relaxed they are only one day after the wedding. The future king is already in his Khakis!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Good Friday

I never thought I'd be this excited to watch the Royal Wedding on TV. I mean, come to think about it - I was alone, while waiting for the night to come and Zukry to arrive from Labuan... I was watching the whole thing on TLC.

The 'pengantin' was so beautiful together and apart. Isn't Kate lovely? Her takes on the royal wave was perfect. She's glowing, she's just happy :) and Prince William, with his hat on - DREAMMMMMMMMMY! Without, so-so. Which is good, takdelah terasa kehilangan sangat! Haha!

I miss the live second kiss... but has watched it on youtube almost immediately. The first one was an awe moment for me. I was waiting for it anyways... Hihi.

Anyway, the not so great part about today is that Zukry's flight is delayed. The weather has not been that good kot. Hujan tadi, tapi sebelum tu it was really hot. But, what's coming is a long weekend. Monday is a holiday! :) Yeay...

* I wonder how much is the Queen's handbag... i mean the price... It looks so biasa... is it of any label? while we are all into labels, I wonder if she cares... :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Had a Good Friday

The long weekend went by pretty quickly. Now while waiting for my flight, had just said my goodbye to Zukry, feeling quite insecure having no handphone as i left mine at home (in the kitchen, charging) I just to go online... Biasalah, free for 2 hours kan? :)

I bought Zukry, his birthday present . A pair of ASICS running shoes. Harap2 menjadi pembakar semangat utk menang (finish - lah.. bukan menang) all the runs he registered this year. Coming back this July for his first :) While I, on the other hand get to meet my dearest friend, Warniey (Shout out to her! Takcukuplah somehow... I ada cerita jugak, tapi cam yours lagi gempaklah kan... hehehe) Onto buying stuffs, I got my essentials covered. Tu ajelah... Dapat one Chinos too. Must save up for Singapore --- coming in 3 weeks je lagi.

Sekarang feel miserable semula knowing that i have to go back to Miri. Soalan utk bila dapat pindah KL again... masih lagi keluar. Biasalah kan. And I really hope soalan tu dapat menjadi amin kepada doa utk kembali... :) I love going back to KL.

A little reminder, kena live in the present.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So the birthday is over. A lunch, a failed movie plan (the theater tutup!) and a game to end it. (MU kalah...) That's how Zukry wanted his birthday, I have nothing else but gratitude over needing to not worry about it even a little bit :) A pair of shoe is what he's asking, for the ultimate resolution of the year. Thus, a pair of shoe is what he's getting next week insyaAllah.

Oh, Kuala Lumpur - kota seribu satu... We're coming back! :) For our birthday presents... Zukry has not been out of Borneo since February - I think this is a good break. More for him even though time is very-the-limited; of course for me as well. Hopefully, with nothing plan - I still can get to do what I wanted during my stay soon. (Khabarnya ada meeting kena attend; mgkn even travelling will be a day earlier! Tp tengok dululah cenggane)

Enrich points. The other day, I suddenly have the urge to find out how much enrich points i have gotten so far. All my travelling (business mostly) must have given me a load of points, so let's shop for a ticket for yet another trip. Maybe for 2011 ! (SILAP! ---2012!) :P Teeny travels! Well, until end of the year; i hope to have enough for a return trip to _ _ _ _ _. I'm not sure MAS travels there though. A lot of homework to be done. Anyways,to date my points is at about 2/3 secured for return trip to London (on promo). So; OK sangat dah tu. Hehehe... Tak abis2.

Rumah kat Miri. This is not a surprise, I knew it will happen soon. In fact, the fact in didn't happen sooner is a surpirse! Izza dah keluarkan hasrat utk move out... So, to live alone or not - eee, takutnya nak duduk sorang... cenggane eh?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to Mak! - This is supposed to be my first April post since her birthday is on 1st of April! Well, i did all other things like SMS and wall post on Facebook on that day - so that should cover the 'wajib' things to do on your mum's birthday lah kan... :)

So, on to the next one... as my car suggested 6141 (that was supposed to be representing 1416 if it is turned backwards) - 14 - my birth date while 16 is my husband's. Yeah, we are that poyo. Don't worry, we are fully aware of that :P So, this Saturday 16th April - Zukry is turning a year wiser. Happy birthday in advance. Sy dengan ini berjanji utk tidak masak pada hari itu. Maka, booking for a lunch date is already confirm, OK? Hehehehe...

Other than that, I'll try my best to give you the best birthday! Idea pun takde lagi ni... blum tambah ke'busy'an kerja. huhu...