Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Weekends Plan :)

There are a few stuffs that I wish I don’t have to do for a long time. This is not a surprise to anyone... One of the stuffs is that little fact of the not-togetherness of TeenyrkuZ.

Zukry has been bugging me since yesterday about the 48-hours sales on Maswings and I am totally on board. I mean, who wants to be spending more if we can get it for less, right?

So we are all set until June 2011! That’s 2 months plus down the road. At the moment, we are pushing the hope of getting together anytime soon. I have already sent a note of an opportunity in KL but well, you’ve read that kind of stories a million times already and I’m still in Miri ni, right? Yeah...

Anyways, that means these few months I will be in either Labuan or Miri. I will however go back to Kuala Lumpur for one weekend – the Good Friday weekend. Thank you to Malaysia Airlines that offers return tickets at a lower price than Airasia!

On average, we spent about RM200 per weekends. Being ignorant Teeny, I had to pay about RM 200++ for my trip to Labuan. Konon2nya, nak tunggu any other offers... but guess what, the before price was increased and I just got to pay the additional as it is my weekend to Labuan anyways...

I’ve always take note of the message at our office’s surau “Don’t Compare Yourself with Others” and believe me, I’m trying my very best not too.


2-3 April

Teeny to Labuan

9-10 April

Teeny to Labuan

16-17 April

Zukry to Miri

23-24 April

We are heading to KUALA,lala Lumpur!

30 April – 2 May
Labour Day weekend, we are going to be in Miri (good weekend to head to Brunei for Sushi!)

7-8 May

Weekend of NOT Together after so long! (Please pray that I can survive this! Maybe onto my sewing projects yang tergendala)

14-15 May

Zukry at Miri

16-20 May

We are going to SINGAPORE!

21-22 May

Zukry at Miri

28 – 31 May

Zukry at Miri to enjoy the long weekend due to Hari Keamatan!

1 – 5 June

Teeny at Labuan to enjoy the long weekend due to Hari Gawai!

So, kepada peminat2 sekalian - take note! Haha... :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I need a friend :)

I don't know why, but my back is aching. I was however, heavily involved in our annual sports as ... wait for it, CHEERLEADER! :) This is not a surprise sight, I have always been anyways. Hehehe! I hope I cheered well enough. That is all I can contribute this year as tennis is no longer in the game list.

Back to the aching back, I guess this is all due to the "silap tidur" kot. This two weeks, I have been watching "How I Met Your Mother" before I sleep. How healthy is that? I know...

You know, today marked half of March and I can tell that the month has not been good for me. My almost 8 years Kelisa was caught in an accident with a motorbike last Saturday. We were on our way to the event of the weekend, Family Day with live performance of Hafiz of AF8 (which was awesome!)... The car is ready to be claimed at the workshop but I need my Zukry with me. It was a little bit of a drama but yeah... I guess that's life.

I promised more pictures, you'll get it --- soon.
Oh, BTW if you see me with a lot of the usual scarves; yeah I just thought I a little over the selendang craze at the moment. This may be I am too malas to the art of lilit melilit, or too rajin to iron all my tudung bawal :)

Visu's here. Toodles.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello March

Hye :)

I''ll come back to share just a few more pictures. Just to update, I have finally driven the most awaited birthday gift to own self, my precious and impressive Civic :)

Now, let's figure out or rather, start saving for the tax to get it out of the serene Labuan Island.