Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kota Kinabalu 2011 Nexus, Karambunai

Hi there. Thanks so much for dropping by. I see that many were actually visiting due to the Maysaa Scarves review I made. Seriously, I didn't even expect when you typed Maysaa in Google; my blog came into the list too. So, yeah - if this isn't what you're looking for, sorry to have disappoint you. It was supposed to be personal blog, but I keep my audience open to all :)

Anyways, Zukry and I are at KKIA Old Town White Coffee while waiting for our flight tonight at 2040 hours. The flight is from KK to Lbu sending Zukry off and then, to Miri - yeah, back to the real separate lives :( (Jgn mengeluh!)

I have posted about Zukry being unwell during our stay in Nexus Resort, Karambunai in Facebook, where quite a few responded with so many tips which I can't really follow due to resources. It's secluded, away from the city which what we wanted to enjoy anyway. So, I was pretty much the nurse during our first night stay until the dinner - it was not the Valentine dinner as the menu offered was different from the occasion ones but we were somehow seen as the couples who enjoys the lovey-dovey day too last night. Here's what we were served at Olives Restaurant.

To start, a love-shaped buns served with olive oil with balsamic vinegar, pesto & rock-salt. Cantik sangat bentuknya, sayang nak makan :) Tapi memang lazat, especially the black olive bun!

In that spoon is entahlah... lupa nama dia. Cam salad ayam, tapi sedaplah :)

The appetizer has arrived. Also in a love shape, tuna salad and smoke salmon on the bottom. Beautifully presented, ape ntah yang around the pinggan tu - balsamic vinegar and olive oil jugak... tapi ada tambahan a dollop of something yang I taktau

The tomato soup with thinly sliced garlic bread (not in love shape) Makan taksampai suku bowl, takleh nak abis....

Hibiscus sorbet. Just what is needed before the main course

Zukry's. This is medium raw beef something. I think it's not a steak, but yeah... it was beef lah

While mine is cod fish. Nothing to brag about, I guess we were pretty much full from all the entrees...

The name of the dessert is in French. I didn't even bother to remember as the pudding was so good. And yes, love-shaped. The other one is pastry-like crackers filled with cream and strawberries. To complete the ensemble, vanilla and mango sauce.

We were pretty much on our way back, when this arrived. Coffee with home made pralines which include strawberries dip in chocolate (a must on Hari Kekasih) and kueh raya chocolate covered cornflakes. I especially loved the white chocolate ones!

After the dinner, before heading out - each of us get a rose and chocolates. By this time, Zukry is almost at his healthy being already... Almost! We then went for our 90 minutes complimentary massage at Borneo Spa. The place was absolutely different from the other spas I've been to. Macam dalam movie! Ada kolam kat dalam spa. And inside the locker room, ada jacuzzi siap dengan lazy chair yang memang sangat memanggil2!!!

The other thing we did was to ride the tendem bicycle. At first we thought it was free, rupanye kena bayo. Terus takjadi naik. That was on Sunday, tapi semalam cam takleh tahan - kena try jugak! Menariks!!! We went to check out the whole resort naik beskal je :) Oklah tu je kot. Nanti2lah i sambung...

Funny thing is, when we bought the ticket - we didn't even realize that we are going there during Valentine :) We just wanted the cheap ticket, Maswings loyal customers lah kata kan... hehehe.


KAM said...

Teeny3~`..the whole dinner tuh how much was the package? :P

Harteeny said...

Hi Kam, Selamat datang :)
Package makan termasuk dalam package Forever Bliss yang kitorang amek. Just check out Karambunai website.

daju said...

nanti kiteorg nk teambuilding kt sini.. hope so..heheh..

daju said...

nanti kiteorg nk teambuilding kt sini.. hope so..heheh..