Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping at ASOS

Hi there, it's been a while yeah? My last post was blergh... I had a lot of stories to tell about my birthday celebration, but without photos - well, I'm not good at writing, so without them - cam takcukup cerita :)

Anyway, this subject however i can copy the pictures from a website. The shopping site that I have been eye-ing since I saw an advert from a shop blog that they are making purchase from the web and asking for their readers to join. Which make sense since you don't have to pay for the considerably expensive delivery fee. But I was contemplating a little too much, and until the year turn 2011; baru ada courage to buy. Kononnya birthday present :) (Berapa banyak birthday present?!)

So, I purchased three items from ASOS on 3rd Jan 2011. That Monday when I had my haircut. They are as below: (haha, macam meeting plak ayat) These photos were all taken from the website. Click kat ASOS tu. Carik, insyaAllah jumpa :)

This military cardigan is my favourite piece. Cantik kan? Izza also liked it. Dia kasik tabik sekali. Haha! I have always love a nice & coloured cardigan (which you can see from the recent wardrobe clearance tu kan...) Fit perfectly. A little too many buttons but I LOVE THEM to bits. Taksabar nak peragakan ni!

This second number is a little weird looking when i tried them on tadi. The name of the shirt is Tab Shoulder Layered Shirt. So, it has this piece hanging giving another layer of fabric for --- fashion?! hahah. I don't know... It's meant to be worn loosely, pair with a jeans or trouser biasa lah kan. Em, size OK sangat. but the length of the sleeve is a little panjang sket. Kena adjust cuff so that it won't be hanging aje.

Last but certainly not least, this twist top that is a bit sexy. It's from jersey fabric, so it's meant to be hold onto your body. But the twisted part somehow managed to hide the excessive bit that you don't want to see, so that's good ;) The colour somehow is my problem... Ada sedikit sheer, especially at the sleeve...

So all in all, I think shopping at ASOS is safe. I was told that the parcel will reach me by or on 17th January, but due to the weather (according to their customer care) it was delayed. It reached my house on 19th, and I picked it up today at Pusat Mel Miri.

They were wrapped individually in plastic bag, then put into an ASOS black plastic bag. It arrived it Sepang on my birhtday, 14 Jan and stamped "dilepaskan" by the customs for posting to Miri. Yeay! To my readers, if you plan to do shopping online.. try lah. They are having delivery free WORLDWIDE now! (Sekarang jugak i pergi browse!)


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