Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Muzik-muzik AJL25

Ana Rafali is not in my top 3 Malaysian Favourite artist. But the reaction of her winning AJL25 is really annoying. I mean, come on Malaysian - we are better than this. I just read a review in Utusan, click here.

I was actually only looking forward to Yuna's performance that night... but when everyone was really all out on their performance, i was hooked. All out, can actually means over-the-top! Like Ana, she was trying too hard... (in my opinion) But on the lyric / music composition - i thought she could be a competition.

Heck, I was actually hoping for Stacy to win. Nak tengok, whether pop-dance song like that can win the juries or not. Haha! Well, all I'm saying is - ape salahnya Ana Rafali menang. The juries are all top notch people in the music industry. Siapa kita, nak angkat kaki / boo the winner? Please la... Malu tau!

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