Sunday, January 23, 2011

Look Who's Shopping too!

Since the successful online shopping at Kitbag, Zukry got hooked and started browsing for new on sale items that cause him this 3rd times buying from the website!

The first one, was when he bought the new Manchester United Jersey with his virtual name on, and a T shirt. You can check that one out, here. The second one, out of ngada2, I got my a Chelsea cool black and orange jersey with my name on via the same website too. Delivery was efficiently as per advised, the price is somewhat cheaper... (yelah, with your name on, ikut standard EPL lagi... berbaloi!)

So, this time; was the time he bought without my knowledge - even though the shopping and payment happened at my house - boleh tak? I felt guilty when I purchased my ASOS stuffs - siap hantar cam invoice kat dia explaining... Takut punye pasal... huhu) These are among the three items he bought.

For GBP12, this Russian World Cup T-shirt was his. The details were amazing, belakang siap ada tulis Russia in Russian (kot) We know that it's outdated, but this is an Adidas T-shirt... Quality no difference from the current ones anyway... so it's a bargain still.

Amcam, mengancam tak? ;)

And these are the Ivory Coast T-shirt by Puma for GBP 8 only! With details like the logo embroided onto the sleeves lagi - see the second pic, I'd say a definite bargain too! He got his stuffs at the same time I got mine. So this weekend, we are wearing UK stuffs in Miri. Hehehehe...

Looking good, mister!

Cool, kan?

Baguslah, this couple digs online shopping... Maklumlah, nak shopping kat bumi Miri & Labuan ni is a challenge :) Tu aje, off lepaking with Visu & Sree.

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