Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday of the Year!

And I am still on holiday! I like how the company decided to grant us another in lieu to celebrate Malaysia's Football team victory - the AFF Suzuki Cup! Although, Zukry still got to get back to Labuan as the ticket in not changeable, he got to buy a new one instead if he would stay a day longer... Never mind that! We both have a lot of things to do today!

No, it does not include another post in my blog :P

One of them, is getting a hair cut. I was thinking very short hair, for this thinning locks. Like Emma Watson new do! :) When my in-laws where in Labuan, I mentioned about the hair being the only sampah-sarap you'd find daily even after just seconds of sweeping! It's so true. We've tried so many things, including Ba Wang shampoo. Bau herba = uwek! So, I asked Zukry if this look I'm choosing is alright with him... He said 'alright', but I warned him that I won't change to Hermione altogether and he teased 'takmo-lah!'... Kureng asem.

But then again, an 'Alright' is received; we'll see what the hairstylist had to say to the idea.

On another thing to do today is actually sending of my sweet pumpkin, Iman Iffah to pre-school! She was registered to PASTI at Pujut 9, and was truly excited about it. She told us how she would wear baju green, tudung puteh, the Disney princesses bag, her school books (yang berlambak) and her new seluar for I guess, Pendidikan Jasmani? (ada ke?!)

But on my way back from the airport, the road was super busy - it was jam packed all the way from Saberkas to Pujut 7 area. I thought I was late but KakLaila told me that the parents had to leave. Duh..! I guess, this is just pre-school... takperlu over2 sangat kot. But it was a big deal to me... When i arrived in Miri, Iman was just 6 months. At the time, I was a little scared to carry her. Now, she's going to school! That means, TIBA MASA UNTUK KELUAR DARI MIRI!!! :P haha, takde kena mengena... But yeah, how time flies!

Anyway, I better get going. Need to find a saloon.

picture - GOOGLE-d

Got my Emma Watson haircut. The hairstylist suggested a longer version for a 'lebih besar' head (good choice of words, or it could've ruin the mood! :P) So, I'm lighter by a few grams I think. About 10-15 inches of hair were remove all over! Zukry, jgn terkezut plak. It feels and looks GOOD. Long locks? That's so last year! hahaha!


Zulaikha M. said...

I want this haircut too!

Harteeny said...

I've NEVER seen you in short hair since... Entahlah.. the GREASE days kot. So yeah, go for it.

I'm loving this style. With a smile, I thought I could pull off a-Emma-Watson seriously!!! *Angkat Bakul.

Jumpa next2 weekend!

Anonymous said...

eceh eceh.akak bajet hermoine.AGAGAGA.

baby yg comel