Sunday, January 9, 2011

AJL25 vs. FA Cup

"Tidak kau penat, hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat?"

Hey ho. We are watching AJL25. Zukry said if Faizal Tahir won tonight; we are going to have another in lieu tomorrow! Huh, he wish. How's the weekend?

Not OK?

Ours, involved Pustaka Miri. Can you imagine?! That was due to Zukry's attempt to study for his ACD. But, I'm just glad that he's doing something about it and can't wait for it to just be done with.


I want to go back to SEMENANJUNG MALAYSIA - a place where my family is... Some may need money, a Mercedes Benz, a mansion... etc. I just need Zukry & my family :) Chewah! (I may need those later on kot! kwang3) and to top it all of, I'm hitting another age in a few days! I love birthday. I especially love birthday parties especially when it involved mine.

We have a last minute plan to go back to Bagan Serai on Friday later on, but that makes it more awesome right? A short weekend but we could cover both families! Don't ask me if it's tiring, when it's all worth the journey - right?

Anyway, I have been trying to think about the perfect gift for myself from Zukry but he did blurted out an ipad, even up to a sewing machine! :) But the thing is, as we up to our ass when it comes to our financial status at the moment - agak2 dapat tak? Huhu... But this year, the gift that I have given myself would be ... the most expensive yet! :) Can't wait for it.

So, as the year 2010 has ended just recently; and every time that happens I usually have no time to reflect what had happened because I will be so excited about the birthday and all. Hehehe... Many that I'm thankful for, and many that I'm still longing / wish for too.

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