Monday, December 26, 2011

Watching Theatre

This post was from before. It was in draft mode after we finalized our Wicked tickets... Somehow it was not published cause the pictures were not properly uploaded.


Since Christmas is over, HAPPY NEW YEAR! So, what's the plan for the this long weekend and next?! We are going away~ Whhheeeeee!

picture google-d :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look's Who's Married :)

I won't say much. I have shared some of these pictures in my facebook :) ah well, enjoy!

Just a little after the make up is done. Ready for the nikah ceremony at Masjid :)

Alhamdulillah, a success after once lafaz. My friend is now officially a wife...

That first salam, Majlis Membatalkan Air Sembahyang

That first kiss ;)

Look who came along, Adam the thumb-sucker & mummy, Amyliana :)

Rombongan from Bachok, Kelantan arrived all in contrast red to match the host in blue :)
Where the princess greets her prince. I don't even have to ask what color she chose for her wedding. There's no other color but BLUE. It has always been Blue... No surprise there :)

Cutting off the 3 tiers cake :)

and last but certainly not least...









ME! with the happy couple, and look who came too, Zalina :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

Not sure what or how to feel these few days. So many things happenings around me. To me, to others, to everything... at one time, I could feel a sudden joy and disappointment. (now Adele's Someone Like You is on MTV~ sadisnya walaupun lagu ini tidak memberi sebarang makna to my current life...)

Anyway, another 2 days working before my short holiday begins! This Friday - my best friend in the whole wide world, Mawarni is getting married. Yeay! Ustaz Nazri nama bakalnya whom I have not met and frankly a little nervous about because he's not our age and he's an ustaz :) I'm ready to rock my baju kurung yang mahal nak mampos tapi hanya utk cutting~ seriously overpriced and matching selendang which was also a tad too expensive for a little work done... But whatever...! Yang penting, I'm going... Over2 sangat kang, bukan wedding den! :)

My cousin who was just booked is getting married this February and I'm glad to be involved as much as she was with mine a few years back! (Wah, dah lama ke?) It was confirmed that I'll be in charge with:

Flower girls' crown/head piece
Wedding Cars Deco
Rosette for families

BESTNYA GOOGLE-ing for wedding stuffs! :)

For something that's getting nearer, Kota London awaits! Winter, bring it on!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First November 2011

Looking forward for:
  • 5 more days for Raya Haji in Bagan Serai :)
  • 20 more days for KakLong's merisik :)
  • 25 more days for Mawarni's big day :)
  • 60 more days for the getaway :)
Currently blogging at home, Ampang. Getting ready to drive to the training place. This week will be a lot of driving days. The ultimate will be to Bagan Serai on Saturday! Anyways, Happy November! Make the most out of this 2011. Let's!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

ROM-COM on Sunday!

I was totally obsessed with finding "Notting Hill" & "Love Actually" for that piece of bumi England :) Notting Hill has never fail me. Love is out there, really. For all those who's searching for your other half, believe and those with one, put efforts to make it bloom everyday :)

I've not been to Notting Hill, and almost definitely will if I get to go to London again. I know that the Travel Book Shop is not there, nor will be William Thacker's blue door flat (or ada sebenarnya? hmmm... must go google and find out :P)

Next up is "Love Actually" - see bits and pieces of London and dream of where to go this lovely Sunday. (Hujan, so kurang sket rasa kepanasan... Alhamdulillah)

I really should be finishing up my appraisal!!! I have thoughts in mind yang belum dilist inside the system. Hope to start and finish it somehow. But what about another Rom-com? :P


Friday, October 7, 2011

Color Blocking

Hi there! How are you doing? :) TGIF, kan? Zukry datang lagi this week, yeay!

Look who tried color blocking today! Well, I've made a few attempts but sometimes it didn't feel right. But today, I feel extremely confident! Don't ask me why. I was not even thinking twice about meeting my GM for signature on a penalty payment due! That was bad news, but I was up there with a smile; waiting - Seb baik dia sibuk, tak sempat jumpe pun :P

Anyways, today out of nowhere - the idea of color blocking came and happened. It was casual Friday day. If you were at around my workstation, you should notice that I was in theme this whole week, you know? Sree if you are reading this, what was the theme? Soalan cepu emas!

It was Navy Blue~!

Mon - Striped Blue/White blouse with my grey pants & Navy blue scarf
Tue - Baju Kurung Satin Navy Blue embroided by my sewing teacher
Wed - Kebarung Vietnam Cotton with navy blue organza on the sleeve to match
Thur - Corporate shirt which was also in Navy blue :)

and today....







So, what do you think? OK, kan? (wah, statement takingat! Perasan gilers!) I was in my ThePoplook blouse, with a black pants bought at Ujana Kewangan Labuan (yeah, I am not kidding you!) Bag was from an online boutique - I wish it was the real Mulberry. But yeah, whatever ... :P Scarf - Mak bought from Vietnam. Terima kasih, Mak. Akak rasa akak belum bayar sesen pun lagi on this. Or have I? Tak ingat! and lastly, my watch. A new watch - gift from dearest husband. A red Swatch bought at KLIA sebelum sampai Miri :)







On a little mishap happened masa gatal nak makan McD - a color blocked nail. Navy blue with oranged from Inai Raya.


Friday, September 30, 2011

9 signs you're happier than you think

Extracted from Yahoo! Shine, these are 9 signs you're happier than you think. Let's review and see if I have comments.

1. You were a smiley student

According to the article, i have to check the year book. But I believe, I did not have a big grin in my MRSM year book. It was more like, senyum control :P Picture was actually taken at a very small pekan in Penang named Kongsi. So you can't really blame me :) Hehehe...

2. You have a sister

Oh yes, I do have a sister. Baby - the baby sister. So as claimed in the article:"People with at least one female sibling report better social support, more optimism, and better coping abilities, according to a study presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference. Sisters appear to encourage communication and cohesion in families" hmmm.... I like the fact this made me happy. Now, I pity those who didn't have one :)

3. You're not glued to the TV

The happiest people spend 30% less time parked in front of the tube

I can be in this category however it is not the TV. I'm glued to the internet! Which is as contagious as it is being in front of the TV! I can youtubed so many things and at the same time; hopped to one fashion blog to another! I have to cut down time spent on the internet. Seriously, I do... So this is not a happy harteeny sign.

4. You keep souvenirs on display

People who use mementos or photos to remind themselves of good times better appreciate their lives and are happier, says Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, a professor of psychology at University of California, Riverside. Good memories remind you of your “happiness potential” and promise that soon you can reach it again.

I used to have picture frames everywhere. Now, no more. I don't like unpractical gifts like patung2, magnets, ape2lah yang too small, collect habuk :P But if received of course, Thank You. I need to update my board. or rather; Wall with new pictures. Happy pictures.

5. You make exercise a priority

People who exercise more are less likely to be stressed and more likely to be satisfied with life, according to Danish researchers. Compared with sedentary people, joggers are 70% less likely to have high stress levels and life dissatisfaction, the study found. Couch potatoes who start moderate exercise—the equivalent of 17 to 34 minutes a day—experience the greatest happiness lift.

OMG, i definitely fail this one and in desperate need to start doing something about this. See how easy for me to run from this topic. I can only write this much of comment because i know I'm in sin when it comes to EXERCISING!

6. You have a healthy love life

InsyaAllah, I can ace this one. Nothing keeps me happier than having Zukry in my life. I just have to get him at sight daily - now only weekly :(

7. You hang out with happy people

This one, i need to be careful with. Sometimes, the very good ones may lead to the very bad ones... What I'm saying is; just don't hang out too long. Sometimes, you just got to know when to stop doing nothing but gossiping, lepaking, etc.

8. You stay warm with hot cocoa

Clutching a steaming beverage—coffee and tea also do the trick—can elicit a flood of positive feelings, according to a Yale University study. This may be because people associate physical warmth with emotional warmth, say the researchers. Study subjects held cups of either hot or iced coffee; those gripping warm mugs were more appreciative of friendliness in others and also felt more generous and trusting themselves.

No doubt about this one. It's just too much caffeine is not healthy for me. Not healthy at all. BUT I love coffee to bits!

9. You have two best friends

Among 654 married adults, those who said they had at least two “best friends” (not necessarily including one’s spouse) were likelier to have better mental well-being, says a study. But additional friends didn’t lead to any more happiness than just a pair.

I have many... Bestest - yes, two. Exclusive of husband :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hosting a small party :)

Hi reader :) What do you have for 'minum petang' this hot & sunny Sunday? We are having vacuumed keropok lekor. Sedap! Especially when it's hot and crispy. Hehehe... I'm glad that today was productive. Despite the 'waking up late', we managed to do what were planned. Which were:

- to pick up all comforters at the laundry (RM78 for all 5 of them)
- have a quick hair trim and pampered self to a good shampoo complete with a head and shoulder massage. In my case, the stylist gave me a hand massage too! I'm glad I complaint about her using nails on my scalp because she actually did a really good job without!

- buy Mizan's mattress! Invested to another Dreamland product with a divan on clearance sale. I hope single is OK with Mizan as the super single comes with a much expensive divan :S I'm so excited about him coming over! Wonder how my days will be like with him around... Masa menganggur dulu, pernah bagi dia facial depan TV! Haha!

Our things-to-do was kept at minimal today. I for one, have had a tremendous weekend even before Sunday came today :) Yesterday, I hosted a mini jamuan raya for a few of my close friends / colleagues. After about 2 months living on my own, I think I've got the hang of 'having my own place' (even if it's not mine per se) I however, ter-went over and beyond on the spread. I decided to have lontong and nasi lemak when I sent out the invitation, and adding Soto last minute cause I thought my choice was a bit too santan-ish.

Look at that... Menarik, kan? Sambal sotong is under the tudung saji. Begedil was courtesy of Zukry's hard work. I'm proud of my Lontong although it was not as popular as I thought it would be! Huhuhu... And as you can see, my collection of tupperwares were put on display and they are indeed very helpful and put more colors on the table.

The soto and nasi lemak on another side of my small dining area.

Cleaning up was a major job! I had all put away, realizing I have so much stuffs! Too much if I may say. Much to a disappointing note, all were clothes that I couldn't fit in but still keeping them for 'motivation' to shrink self down. Yeah, right. It was all over the place, on the sofa, on the floor in my room, hanging on the doors of my closets. Everywhere! Same goes to my head scarves!!! Banyak
gile OK. Yes, you can see them hang nicely on my IKEA hangers, but I actually have more inside a pail that i put away in the back room :P

All in all - it was indeed a productive weekend. Hoping for more productive days ahead! Enjoy the remaining of your Sunday everyone! :) Toodles.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Post Raya

tomorrow is a holiday! it's the in lieu of sarawak tyt's birthday on saturday. by the way, this saturday i'm inviting some of my friends over to my house for makan-makan raya ;) i had my freak out moment yesterday, maybe to be continued later after work.

things to do include:
-kemas rumah (done)
-kemas rumah
-kemas rumah
-shop for ingredients for lontong and nasi lemak (yes, i'll be serving that. wish me all the luck in the world!)
-re-arrange furniture sket2. not much space left but yeah, still need to rearrange. if i could throw away current sofa and bring in a new one would be perfect but that's too much for now. hehehe.
-beli tilam coz mizan is visiting next week! yahoo! or should i frown? huhu... more to yahoo! coz i have teman when i go back home after work! yeayyyyy!

hopefully taklupa utk ambil2 gambar coz jarang jemput org dtg rumah. except for maybe kaklaila and the imans. shout out to them! hello sg petani! ;)

oklah, tu je.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

selamat hari raye

selamat hari raya aidilfitri. dah seminggu dah raya! it feels too fast and i already miss the first day of raya. the joy of wearing new clothes, the feeling of eating anytime i want after a month of fasting, the preparation like frying begedil, chit-chat with cousins, best!

now, i know i've been eating too much! need to fast again, asap. but today i'm going off to kuching plak :( alasan huh? takpe insyaallah this year hajatnya penuh 6 days of syawal to fast too.

anyways, this raya was filled with wedding bells! my cousins are getting married! yahoo, more family bondings ;) we may need to postpone our travelling plans but whatever it is, i wanna make sure that i'm involved with these weddings! satu menda paling important - baju2 baru utk matchy2 with other relatives definitely a must!

yang takberapa bestnya, these wedding bells have pushed us (teenyrkuz) to have babies! macam2 petua / cynical remarks keluar. maintain macho, tp adalah terasa sket2.bole ke jadi mak yg best sbnrnya? main beranak je, basic kenalah hebat jgk. one thing for sure, i'm looking forward to have a family... so don't worry - i pray that we'll get one soon. marilah doa sesama ;)

meanwhile, i'm in the mood to make my senadin's house more homely. in fact homelier than it is now. nak cari new bed for mizan or any other future guests coming to visit me here... one more dream item to have in my house - humungous mirror. sekian...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little update~

Hey ho, just a little picture updates. All were taken with my Nokia E71, so harap maklum dengan kualiti :)

Lihatlah, our kebanggaan of working hard on two weekends! Well, probably 70% Zukry's and 30% Teeny but we didn't even call pemotong rumput tu like usual. The lalang were just too disturbing and sometimes a little scary too :S manalah tau, ada ape hidup in between tu kan... wah! In the effort to clean our backyard, terpaksa bakar the daun2 cause taktau nak buat camne dah. The lalang memang teramatlah panjang~

This was when the movement news were on the air. Who's going where?! and Why?! Too much talking, not much of changes happening - so yeah, i just got to write this down. Somehow, terpanggil utk bergossip too :P

Sampailah waktu berpuasa - alone. Mee Kungfu, bertemankan Oprah while berbuka. Sedap, cepat dan berkhasiat - iyeke?! :) The first week went by quite quickly, and berbuka 5 days alone, and try to cook lavishly on the weekend for dearest husband and me. Lihatlah hasilnya:

Nasi Mandy!!! Tapi takcukup bahanlah. Just the rice and the chicken :)

A little treat while I was on business trip back to KL - Alhamdulillah, i got the chance to go back even though I was put in a difficult position in the meeting itself. Wargkh! Nevermind that, the most important thing is that I get to go back and berbuka di rumah :) The books were randomly chosen. I was in the mood of sewing what with the new sewing machine, Baby is taking up sewing class too... so I just got to grab Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia on Sewing. The other one, Style by Lauren Conrad - this I has been eyeing in MPHOnline but never actually bought :)

A little example on what sewing fever has done to me. A new baju kurung, that's the collar that I'm quite proud of :) The inside seams are everywhere cause I didn't 'jahit tepi' the cloth! InsyaAllah, nak sembat kalo extreme rajin.

Another project that I'm proud of. This is one of the 3 pairs of curtain i sewed for Zukry's home in Labuan :) Yeay!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Hot!

I have noticed that the weather nowadays are more likely to give you sunburn if not panting for water. PANAS! Usually, I feel like it's hotter somehow during Ramadhan but this time it started way earlier.

I berpeluh too fast. I feel like having another round of bath just everytime I finished house chores. Like these two weekends, were the weekends we get to spend together at my newly emptied house (Well, rumah tak kosong - lah) which is cool cause I finally get to feel how it is if we were to live together insyaAllah soon...

I shouldn't be complaining with the amount of time Zukry spent in front of the TV, if not for football then it's PS3 playing football - as he hasn't get the chance to do it in Labuan kan. So, dalam pada takbagi can - bagi jugak... So while that is happening I'll be scrubbing off bathroom floors, rearranging furniture, masak, doing the dishes, kerja2 rumahlah... Taktipu! Macam tipu, cause this is rare... but sempena Ramadhan ni, taktipu! :) Our back yard is now clean! No more lalang, hopefully in these few weeks time. Dah tebas, bako and racun! Hehehe... proud! Tapi BRAVO tu Zukry for all his hardwork. I contribute beli cangkul, buat air, provide lighter utk bako lalang kering. Hehe...

Anyway, back to cerita panas tadi. Ha, memang musim berpeluhlah. At these times, i miss my room at home. Ada aircond :) sini, serba sederhana. nak aircond, tapi taknak bayo bill - camne?

So, first day turn out OK. Did all that I plan and want to do. Onto tomorrow, and the rest of Ramadhan ... Toodles

Friday, July 29, 2011

On My Latest Findings

Here they are! I'm wearing both of them today. For Casual Friday, I wore the green blouse and at night, picking Zukry up in the yellow maxi dress. @RM160 for both, fits nicely on me. Seriously. So, if you think you're at around my size (konon, taknak reveal lah kan. takboleh blah!) please do drop by at TRENDYCONFESSIONS :)

Ramadhan Kelima di Miri

Can you believe that? Yes, it will be my fifth Ramadhan in Miri this Monday :) And this year, I'm doing it differently. How different? Waking up alone for Sahur and hopefully, not alone for Iftar. Pathetic, no? I don't know... Yang penting, it's here! :)

Salam Ramadhan, Selamat Berpuasa.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Highlight of July 2011

1. 2 minggu berturut2 dapat balik KL. Beli mesin jahit, host kenduri and birthday party - seronok! :) Jumpa SEMUA ORANG. except for my girlfriends... (yang pd mulanya semangat, tapi masing2 bertanggungjawab atas sesuatu kemudiannya... RAYA NANTI plak!)

2. Accelerated Capability Development (ACD) Assessment - Haruslah study lebih utk close lebihan gap yang masih ada. Sila find time, and make the house extra conducive to study! At the moment, macam dilanda tornado!

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 2!!! - menanti Zukry yang bakal tiba esok. Lepas tu, boleh ronggeng HP sebelum super serious about studying... (Punyalah last minute punya budak!) Tengoklah how adorable these two are. I first read the book when i was in UTM. Hooked punya pasal, that year i finished all 3 books and wait for book no 4,5,6 and 7... Sponsor lah bagi duit i beli all these books. So make sure, sponsor kasi duit masyuk - senang nak enjoy buku/muzik/mags while studying. ewah... takde kena mengena. jangan tiru aksi ini.

Gambar dari here :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Read. Make it a hobby!

I'm glad that I managed to finish a book last week. It was the Shopaholics series by Sophia Kinsella :) Nothing heavy. I haven't been reading or finish up all the books I started.

I'm now on another chic lit, Girl on The Run. A story about a girl who find running fun with a little motivation from super cute Running Club president. I have this huge hope to start running; hopefully to accompany Zukry during his rounds practicing for Feel Good Run in July and doing it for real - me.

Read the book's review here.

You know, reading these books is a real pleasure. I forgot how I have so much wonderment that I haven't explore since I last complete a whole book. It was more of imagining a place, specifically in these books; England. I don't know every street in London, or any other place in England - Liverpool / Manchester - whatever. Now that I've been to London, I get more ideas on what to wonder.

Like Harry Potter, without the movie; i probably would have imagine Hermione Granger to be super nerd and never like Emma Watson - seriously! Mgkn rambut Hermione will forever be kembang. Huhu...

On to planning our next trip, maybe I should start reading books on places I planned to visit. Tapi, ada ke? Lainlah if the place is New York kan. But nah... not going there yet. Maybe lllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr in life ;)

So, yeah.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodbye, Dearest Housemate...

Hai :)

After about 4 years plus living together with my dearest housemate, Izza... It's time for us to part ways. It's bittersweet when she said she's moving out. It was anticipated, and very selfish of ME actually to let her stay with me all these while especially after I was already married. You know, it feels like a couple breaking up after knowing there's no future. I was sad... The moment she asked when we should tell our landlord, tears were just a moment away to drop. It was me who in consciousness of the whole thing, still was not ready...

I was all over the town to find another house, suitable for only me, near friends; cheap, secured, everything near impossible-lah and I didn't find one. Or rather; I and Zukry decided for me to just stay at the current house alone, while make more effort to clean it up and make me more homely...

OK, this is a little personal after about 2 years of marriage, I decided to have a really good quality Queen Size bed! All these while, I had my super single bed and never really had the idea to change it because of the never-ending "I'll Move Soon" thought was up there in my mind blocking any other Moving-On moves I should have made before. I thought while Izza is exploring Europe, this is the best time to really just tidy up the place!

So, first up, buy me a really nice divan bed with a dreamland mattress, about 1 ft thick (or maybe more, because it's really thick!) - cam hotel! :P I was really proud when I bought this, a huge relieve with a thought of "I should have done this a long time ago".... I sold the old bed.

Soon to be picked up and....






On to the new one, when it first arrive! :) Now it's nicely wrapped...

Off to pick Zukry up! I'll write more soon... I just have so many things to share!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I can't really stop going oooohhh, aaaah, when I went online and googled pictures of the Royal Wedding. I mean, seriously - this is how we should enjoy the long weekend. With a lot of pictures of the most memorable wedding of the decade! :) Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...

These are all from Yahoo! I just got to share :)

The second wedding dress. She really is going minimalist on her choice of dresses...

Look at how relaxed they are only one day after the wedding. The future king is already in his Khakis!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Good Friday

I never thought I'd be this excited to watch the Royal Wedding on TV. I mean, come to think about it - I was alone, while waiting for the night to come and Zukry to arrive from Labuan... I was watching the whole thing on TLC.

The 'pengantin' was so beautiful together and apart. Isn't Kate lovely? Her takes on the royal wave was perfect. She's glowing, she's just happy :) and Prince William, with his hat on - DREAMMMMMMMMMY! Without, so-so. Which is good, takdelah terasa kehilangan sangat! Haha!

I miss the live second kiss... but has watched it on youtube almost immediately. The first one was an awe moment for me. I was waiting for it anyways... Hihi.

Anyway, the not so great part about today is that Zukry's flight is delayed. The weather has not been that good kot. Hujan tadi, tapi sebelum tu it was really hot. But, what's coming is a long weekend. Monday is a holiday! :) Yeay...

* I wonder how much is the Queen's handbag... i mean the price... It looks so biasa... is it of any label? while we are all into labels, I wonder if she cares... :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Had a Good Friday

The long weekend went by pretty quickly. Now while waiting for my flight, had just said my goodbye to Zukry, feeling quite insecure having no handphone as i left mine at home (in the kitchen, charging) I just to go online... Biasalah, free for 2 hours kan? :)

I bought Zukry, his birthday present . A pair of ASICS running shoes. Harap2 menjadi pembakar semangat utk menang (finish - lah.. bukan menang) all the runs he registered this year. Coming back this July for his first :) While I, on the other hand get to meet my dearest friend, Warniey (Shout out to her! Takcukuplah somehow... I ada cerita jugak, tapi cam yours lagi gempaklah kan... hehehe) Onto buying stuffs, I got my essentials covered. Tu ajelah... Dapat one Chinos too. Must save up for Singapore --- coming in 3 weeks je lagi.

Sekarang feel miserable semula knowing that i have to go back to Miri. Soalan utk bila dapat pindah KL again... masih lagi keluar. Biasalah kan. And I really hope soalan tu dapat menjadi amin kepada doa utk kembali... :) I love going back to KL.

A little reminder, kena live in the present.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So the birthday is over. A lunch, a failed movie plan (the theater tutup!) and a game to end it. (MU kalah...) That's how Zukry wanted his birthday, I have nothing else but gratitude over needing to not worry about it even a little bit :) A pair of shoe is what he's asking, for the ultimate resolution of the year. Thus, a pair of shoe is what he's getting next week insyaAllah.

Oh, Kuala Lumpur - kota seribu satu... We're coming back! :) For our birthday presents... Zukry has not been out of Borneo since February - I think this is a good break. More for him even though time is very-the-limited; of course for me as well. Hopefully, with nothing plan - I still can get to do what I wanted during my stay soon. (Khabarnya ada meeting kena attend; mgkn even travelling will be a day earlier! Tp tengok dululah cenggane)

Enrich points. The other day, I suddenly have the urge to find out how much enrich points i have gotten so far. All my travelling (business mostly) must have given me a load of points, so let's shop for a ticket for yet another trip. Maybe for 2011 ! (SILAP! ---2012!) :P Teeny travels! Well, until end of the year; i hope to have enough for a return trip to _ _ _ _ _. I'm not sure MAS travels there though. A lot of homework to be done. Anyways,to date my points is at about 2/3 secured for return trip to London (on promo). So; OK sangat dah tu. Hehehe... Tak abis2.

Rumah kat Miri. This is not a surprise, I knew it will happen soon. In fact, the fact in didn't happen sooner is a surpirse! Izza dah keluarkan hasrat utk move out... So, to live alone or not - eee, takutnya nak duduk sorang... cenggane eh?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to Mak! - This is supposed to be my first April post since her birthday is on 1st of April! Well, i did all other things like SMS and wall post on Facebook on that day - so that should cover the 'wajib' things to do on your mum's birthday lah kan... :)

So, on to the next one... as my car suggested 6141 (that was supposed to be representing 1416 if it is turned backwards) - 14 - my birth date while 16 is my husband's. Yeah, we are that poyo. Don't worry, we are fully aware of that :P So, this Saturday 16th April - Zukry is turning a year wiser. Happy birthday in advance. Sy dengan ini berjanji utk tidak masak pada hari itu. Maka, booking for a lunch date is already confirm, OK? Hehehehe...

Other than that, I'll try my best to give you the best birthday! Idea pun takde lagi ni... blum tambah ke'busy'an kerja. huhu...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Weekends Plan :)

There are a few stuffs that I wish I don’t have to do for a long time. This is not a surprise to anyone... One of the stuffs is that little fact of the not-togetherness of TeenyrkuZ.

Zukry has been bugging me since yesterday about the 48-hours sales on Maswings and I am totally on board. I mean, who wants to be spending more if we can get it for less, right?

So we are all set until June 2011! That’s 2 months plus down the road. At the moment, we are pushing the hope of getting together anytime soon. I have already sent a note of an opportunity in KL but well, you’ve read that kind of stories a million times already and I’m still in Miri ni, right? Yeah...

Anyways, that means these few months I will be in either Labuan or Miri. I will however go back to Kuala Lumpur for one weekend – the Good Friday weekend. Thank you to Malaysia Airlines that offers return tickets at a lower price than Airasia!

On average, we spent about RM200 per weekends. Being ignorant Teeny, I had to pay about RM 200++ for my trip to Labuan. Konon2nya, nak tunggu any other offers... but guess what, the before price was increased and I just got to pay the additional as it is my weekend to Labuan anyways...

I’ve always take note of the message at our office’s surau “Don’t Compare Yourself with Others” and believe me, I’m trying my very best not too.


2-3 April

Teeny to Labuan

9-10 April

Teeny to Labuan

16-17 April

Zukry to Miri

23-24 April

We are heading to KUALA,lala Lumpur!

30 April – 2 May
Labour Day weekend, we are going to be in Miri (good weekend to head to Brunei for Sushi!)

7-8 May

Weekend of NOT Together after so long! (Please pray that I can survive this! Maybe onto my sewing projects yang tergendala)

14-15 May

Zukry at Miri

16-20 May

We are going to SINGAPORE!

21-22 May

Zukry at Miri

28 – 31 May

Zukry at Miri to enjoy the long weekend due to Hari Keamatan!

1 – 5 June

Teeny at Labuan to enjoy the long weekend due to Hari Gawai!

So, kepada peminat2 sekalian - take note! Haha... :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I need a friend :)

I don't know why, but my back is aching. I was however, heavily involved in our annual sports as ... wait for it, CHEERLEADER! :) This is not a surprise sight, I have always been anyways. Hehehe! I hope I cheered well enough. That is all I can contribute this year as tennis is no longer in the game list.

Back to the aching back, I guess this is all due to the "silap tidur" kot. This two weeks, I have been watching "How I Met Your Mother" before I sleep. How healthy is that? I know...

You know, today marked half of March and I can tell that the month has not been good for me. My almost 8 years Kelisa was caught in an accident with a motorbike last Saturday. We were on our way to the event of the weekend, Family Day with live performance of Hafiz of AF8 (which was awesome!)... The car is ready to be claimed at the workshop but I need my Zukry with me. It was a little bit of a drama but yeah... I guess that's life.

I promised more pictures, you'll get it --- soon.
Oh, BTW if you see me with a lot of the usual scarves; yeah I just thought I a little over the selendang craze at the moment. This may be I am too malas to the art of lilit melilit, or too rajin to iron all my tudung bawal :)

Visu's here. Toodles.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello March

Hye :)

I''ll come back to share just a few more pictures. Just to update, I have finally driven the most awaited birthday gift to own self, my precious and impressive Civic :)

Now, let's figure out or rather, start saving for the tax to get it out of the serene Labuan Island.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kota Kinabalu 2011 Nexus, Karambunai

Hi there. Thanks so much for dropping by. I see that many were actually visiting due to the Maysaa Scarves review I made. Seriously, I didn't even expect when you typed Maysaa in Google; my blog came into the list too. So, yeah - if this isn't what you're looking for, sorry to have disappoint you. It was supposed to be personal blog, but I keep my audience open to all :)

Anyways, Zukry and I are at KKIA Old Town White Coffee while waiting for our flight tonight at 2040 hours. The flight is from KK to Lbu sending Zukry off and then, to Miri - yeah, back to the real separate lives :( (Jgn mengeluh!)

I have posted about Zukry being unwell during our stay in Nexus Resort, Karambunai in Facebook, where quite a few responded with so many tips which I can't really follow due to resources. It's secluded, away from the city which what we wanted to enjoy anyway. So, I was pretty much the nurse during our first night stay until the dinner - it was not the Valentine dinner as the menu offered was different from the occasion ones but we were somehow seen as the couples who enjoys the lovey-dovey day too last night. Here's what we were served at Olives Restaurant.

To start, a love-shaped buns served with olive oil with balsamic vinegar, pesto & rock-salt. Cantik sangat bentuknya, sayang nak makan :) Tapi memang lazat, especially the black olive bun!

In that spoon is entahlah... lupa nama dia. Cam salad ayam, tapi sedaplah :)

The appetizer has arrived. Also in a love shape, tuna salad and smoke salmon on the bottom. Beautifully presented, ape ntah yang around the pinggan tu - balsamic vinegar and olive oil jugak... tapi ada tambahan a dollop of something yang I taktau

The tomato soup with thinly sliced garlic bread (not in love shape) Makan taksampai suku bowl, takleh nak abis....

Hibiscus sorbet. Just what is needed before the main course

Zukry's. This is medium raw beef something. I think it's not a steak, but yeah... it was beef lah

While mine is cod fish. Nothing to brag about, I guess we were pretty much full from all the entrees...

The name of the dessert is in French. I didn't even bother to remember as the pudding was so good. And yes, love-shaped. The other one is pastry-like crackers filled with cream and strawberries. To complete the ensemble, vanilla and mango sauce.

We were pretty much on our way back, when this arrived. Coffee with home made pralines which include strawberries dip in chocolate (a must on Hari Kekasih) and kueh raya chocolate covered cornflakes. I especially loved the white chocolate ones!

After the dinner, before heading out - each of us get a rose and chocolates. By this time, Zukry is almost at his healthy being already... Almost! We then went for our 90 minutes complimentary massage at Borneo Spa. The place was absolutely different from the other spas I've been to. Macam dalam movie! Ada kolam kat dalam spa. And inside the locker room, ada jacuzzi siap dengan lazy chair yang memang sangat memanggil2!!!

The other thing we did was to ride the tendem bicycle. At first we thought it was free, rupanye kena bayo. Terus takjadi naik. That was on Sunday, tapi semalam cam takleh tahan - kena try jugak! Menariks!!! We went to check out the whole resort naik beskal je :) Oklah tu je kot. Nanti2lah i sambung...

Funny thing is, when we bought the ticket - we didn't even realize that we are going there during Valentine :) We just wanted the cheap ticket, Maswings loyal customers lah kata kan... hehehe.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kota Kinabalu 2011 Adventure

Sorry for not updating in quite a while. I was rather busy reading other people’s blog while keeping myself busy travelling as well. But that’s quite normal, right? If I don’t have anything interesting to tell or actually doing something even more interesting real-life, why bother the virtual ones. Hehehe...

Anyway, I’m now writing at room 7217 Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai in Kota Kinabalu. We are supposed to be exploring the resort (well, that’s what I have in mind the moment I arrived at 1240 today) but Zukry is feeling under the weather after a whole driving up and down the hill of Sabah just to reach Kundasang, Ranau. Actually, he has a temperature you know... He’s now sleeping with a wet towel on his forehead which I later decorate with some rose petals hoping that he would soon be OK. By soon, I mean in maybe 30 mins or so. If not, well – I better be enjoying the rest of what this resort have alone; which will then be very non-honeymoon of us. Oh, yes we are on the Forever Bliss package. So everyone is treating us like newlyweds since we first arrived. Nice!

We got our fruit basket delivered; with complimentary of a cake which said “Happy Honeymoon!” complete with a matching card signed by a few Nexus Resort and Spa staffs. A housekeeper came by just to put on some roses around the room and greeted us with Happy Honeymoon just after we had our tapau Chicken Rice Shop’s Nasi Ayam. Great start so far! The room is a bit old fashion; even the TV is the not flat screen ones. But then again, we are here to enjoy each other and Karambunai itself. The beach is not that far away from our room, and the sea is just so blue...

Here are some photos to summarize what had happened this weekend in Kota Kinabalu, it is a Negeri di bawah bayu...

TeenyrkuZ at Kinabalu Park

Dearest driver of the day, posing his best in front of quite a few men waiting to be pictured at the same spot

Yours truly. There was a warning that an overweight isn't aloud to climb up. I guess 2011 is not yet the year for me. Huhuhu...

ZukryneeT enjoying some Sabah Tea at its plantation which was quite a disappointment. It was the weather and the Ginger Tea. Should have ordered the normal Teh-O.

What's the name of this flower? I know some chosen the bouquet for weddings, but here in Mesilau - they grow like bunga kertas je! :)

Cows ready to be milked. It was an interesting experience, but bau agak kurang menyenangkan. Overall place is satisfactory but the view... check out pictures below! Breathtaking. We spend some time here, just to enjoy the scenery and while waiting for 3 PM (Milking time), solat at a nice small surau provided.

Kabus over mountains. It was cool, takyah gi oversea lah! The road to Desa Dairy Farm is rather difficult. A 4WD should be the best transportation, but our rented (a friend's) Gen-2 survived

Cantik, kan? I think somewhere in there, SKO Iron Men team is climbing up to Kinabalu peak :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog ni berjaya buat I gelak!

Blog Usang Lagi Bersawang - Tak Hensem, Tak Kaya Tapi Sedikit Sopan

Let me just letak a little snippets. I hope you don't mind, Hatim (Nanti I bagitau dia...) Well, this weekend is of those without the husband around. He jet off to Bagan Serai, trade off his E71 (that I bought for his belated brithday in 2009) and entah buat ape sekarang :P So, I was hanging around, in front of the PC most of the time and tonight I decided to check out this blog tapi entry yang dolu2 sket.

And seriously, Lawak dari dulu kot. Bukan lawak deng-dong yang I selalu buat :) tapi berisi. I tau camne budak medic kat luar negara tu belajo, the places he visited - oh so great and sgt jeles. hehehe... Go visit!

Tangkap Muat
"KASUT SUKAN PAKAI DENGAN BAJU KURUNG.ok Odah sekarang kau decide,nak beraya ke nak jogging?baju kurung memang akan buat seseorang tampil feminin tapi bila match kan dengan kasut sukan ughhh.macam goreng keledek sambil nyanyi karoke.ada kaitan tak?takde kan?thats the point"

This is like when my parents asked why I buat Neslo for breakfast. Like you can't decide whether to drink Milo or Nescafe so you try to have it all :) But i like Mocha, and neslo tasted OK what...

Hidup Ini Penuh Ujian - Bukan Metafora
"ambek kau siap peromot.cerita ni boleh kata bestlah jugak dgn efek2 yg agak daripada buang duit tengok cerita macam kuliah cinta,anak mami kembali dan 13 cerita anak mami yang lain baiklah tengok cerita ni.gerenti insaf keluar panggung terus sembahyang asar."

Taktahan dengan ayat last tu... :) Hehehe

OKlah, go visit yeah. I bet you won't be disappointed. Unless of course, you takpaham bahasa Malaysia :P