Monday, December 27, 2010

Wardrobe Clearance UK14/16 Batch 2

Dear Readers,

After the long and internet free weekend; I've successfully gathered a spread of more pre-loved items for your viewing (and buying too, i hope! hehehe...) As per the last post on the same topic, please feel free to drop me emails at for further queries on the items (if any)

To add, in true spirit of letting them go and considering these are priced inclusive of postage fees, I'd say they are truly a steal!

So here goes, please ignore the not so great background/wall :P


Item 007 Forever 21 Knitted Top / Purple / Size L / RM18
- fits up to UK14 (it was a little tight at the arm area)
- item used less than 10 times
- excellent condition except for a teeny-weenie hole at the collar which is barely noticeable

Item 008 Ms Read Shirt / Black / Size UK14 / RM30
- fits up to UK16 (I was in that size when I bought it)
- Fairly used - it is a must in a working girls' closet!

Item 009 Ms Read Shirt / Blue / Size UK16 / RM30
- quality fabric, it's soft but heavy so it tends to fall nicely
- 100% in an excellent condition

Item 010 South China Sea / Brown / Size XL / RM30
- fits up to UK14/UK16
- quality fabric, of a soft linen material
- 100% in an excellent condition

I'll come back with trousers from Marks & Spencer as well as Dorothy Perkins for all you UK16 / Medium sized girls! :)

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