Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

This is going to be short. Just enough to tell you readers, that I am here and that the update I promised on Friday had to be delayed due to internet connection in Labuan.

I will upload all once I got a stable connection, most probably when I'm back in Miri. In the mean time, I would capture the best pictures for the treasures I've decided to let go.

It has been a lazy weekend. SERIOUSLY. Productive, playing PS3 wise. Heavy rain was completed, but we only understand the conclusion after getting them online. This definitely requires a do-over! Ethan, we'll help you finding Shaun alive next time! But we have evolved to a better dance partner, dancing to the tunes like "Hanging Tough by NKOTB", "Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls", "Can't Touch This by MC Hammer" etc. Memang bestlah! It was just us being goofy and funny as hell when we watched the playback.

OKlah, Zukry suruh check ticket MASwings and discuss cuti2 2011. Boring...

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