Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's warmly welcome December 2010

Am I not moving to Labuan in January?! :P

4-7 Dec 2010
Must do some discussion on the new car. Plus, the in-Laws are visiting. Trying to live Zukry's live for about a week. This means I have to cook on Monday and Tuesday? Nightmare is starting! Can i just contribute Jeliti / Anjung Ketam / Island Tomyam for lunch and dinner, please? I'm good at being host, but not a good cook!

11-12 Dec 2010
Let's switch to i-phone?!

18-19 Dec 2010
Who's going where now? I think Zukry's coming again kot.

24-26 Dec 2010
Now what? May need to be on duty during this period... So, yeah. Ada wayang best ke? Rapunzel.

31 Dec - 2 Jan 2010
OMG, the new year. I'll turn another year in about 2 weeks later! :)

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