Saturday, December 11, 2010

2nd Week - December

It starts with :
3 KM slow jog at KRP as early as 0630 HRS
200 jumps on the skipping rope
20 push ups and 20 sit ups

ALL made possible by Zukry and, yours truly :)

Actually, it started with a movie with Visu and Uthes. We were among the 6 people watching "The Social Network" in Hall 3 on Friday night! Hehehe... The moment the movie finished, we were thinking "Why are we not a computer programmer?!". Of course, this was all driven from the story of the youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook co-founder.

Then, off to the airport (after a dinner stop at Nasi Lemak Rasa Segar with Uthes; it's been ages since my last makan2 there) waiting for Zukry. The flight was delayed. So, I was there with my rubik cube, which I can finished in less than 5 mins now! - waiting... While i was trying to re-do the cube, I saw our ex-Southern SM. He asked "So, bila nak pindah ni?". When i said, no letter, no decision yet; he said "Don't worry, soon lah tu. Dah confirm dah... Tunggu!"

YEAY! I hope to receive the letter there and then! :) But i guess, that's enough to make up the whole weekend kot. 15mins later, Zukry was in front of me.

Anyways, after the exercise gala - nothing much happened except for the successful attempts to imitate Hot & Roll Onion & Cheese Phrata. Sedap! Wanted to buy bagels for Bagel with cream cheese but opt for a cheaper carbo, french bread aje... :) Sedap jugak. Tapi I'm sure with Bagel lebih nyaman~

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daju said...

3km..wahh byk tu..
hari tu i jog 1.5km pn dh pncit..
skipping langsung la xreti..ahah