Monday, December 6, 2010

1st Week - December

I have one Annual Leave left! Today I'm on annual leave to welcome my in-law family here in Labuan. I am currently at the only McDonald's (boleh cakap camni, cause in Miri we have 2 now!) in Labuan writing, while waiting for them to arrive. Sakit perut yang amat ni, tapi tahan jelah (takde orang nak jaga beg and laptop ni kang!)

Anyways, I'm also trying to recover from last week hectics. I was in Miri, Bintulu, KL, and Labuan in less than a week time! It involved a lot of flights, taxis and headaches. Travel for work is alright; at least I'm out of the office. Tiring tu, memang cannot deny-lah. Today baru rasa sedikit alright.

You know what is my biggest achievement this week? Not doing shopping either online nor at Dorothy Perkins (although I had 2 visits there last week)! And I have an eye on this blouse. The satin silk is so luxurious in chocolate, I loved it - but yeah... I just left it there. I might be getting it, but not any time soon.
(Gambar low quality sbb crop sendiri... but you have to go and see the texture and colour - richness. I like!)

(Btw, i actually left for the toilet and back to original place in McD ni. Dgn takmalunya :P)

So my first Dec weekend is nearing to its end. (This one is long, last until Tuesday~) But I have a hosting job to do for the remaining 1 day or so ni... I think we can finish the whole Labuan by the time frame given inclusive of fabric and chocolate shopping jgk. (In the spirit of leaving Miri for this small island, we love island live! Yes, we do)

Check that out - four more games on top of the two we had! These were taken fresh from orang yang baru balik dari UK! We tried Singstar + dance and Sports champion semalam. berpeluh2!


Zulaikha said...

Singstar + Dance? Wahh! What song ada? Bestnye bestnye.

Harteeny said...

ada 30 hits song inclusive BSB, NSync and NKOTB's Hanging Tough! :) Marilah ke Labuan~

daju said...

teeny today is 11th..
so gonna get your iphone4??

btw..jake & taylor?? lpas ni nk google..both my fav stars..haha but i thought dulu jake was gay boleh x..haha or is it dlm movie je..

Harteeny said...

Em, mengikut discussion - kita terpaksa lupakan utk kereta baru. haha. So kemungkinan besar, TIDAK tapi tukar plan ajelah...

Oh yeah, Jake and Taylor. google cepat - they're cute together, tapi is it going to last? hmmmm...