Thursday, November 4, 2010


Where have I been?
I've getting remarks asking to update more frequently. I don't think I have many readers, but I do have some! Hahaha :) After all, this blog was supposed to be my second journal - btw, I don't have the first journal - but I should, but whatever...

So, I'm currently in my maxi dress bought at Primark, covered with a Tshirt also bought at Primark - a T-shirtlike shawl on my head waiting for my housemate Izza to come and pick me up for dinner! I balik lambat jgk tadi, tapi Izza usually lebih lambat. I kurang rajin. I rajin, tapi kurang sket dari Izza. Hahaha! Hasfa, jgn gtau dia :P

I have not been away too long. I was in Labuan for a couple of weekends. I was in KL last weekend, but most of the days I was in Miri. But yeah, never felt like it. Except of course when I was at the office... Tu pun sbb orang ckp srwk - which was still very rarely to these ears. Anyways, basically I've been around. Doing a lot of things - just keeping myself busy.

Kepada Sajidah & Mawarni, the kain kuning we bought at the souvenir place aritu - sy cadang nak buat jadi camni...

Image from

Tapi blum jadi pape lagi! haha!

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