Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skirts and more skirts!

As mentioned, I recently bought a skirt from AmmaraHijabi - well actually, 2 skirts same pattern. Not yet siap, but booked at 50% total price. With my hips and waist size (current - of course) emailed to them, they said it should be ready by this week - so next week, if sampai jgn jakun tgk Teeny pakai skirt everyday! :) It supposed to look like this. Effect may vary, due to size! Hehehe... excuse me.

Long skirt are so in-style now, (I want to think they are!) - of course, maxi dress are too - tapi tu lah, nak beli yg murah, too nampak the not-qualityness. Tapi mahal sgt - cam rugi jgk, cam nak gi dinner aje... Anyways, let's drool on skirts this weekend. Shopping lagi ke? i'm becoming hoarders! Waaaaaa!!!


daju said...

i slalu xtau nk pkai ape dgn skirt..haha..
yeah if beli too murah..mcm kain xberape elok..
and bestnye jd tini..shoppng je..

Harteeny said...

Hi Daji - Updatelah jgk. dah bersawang tu... :D
Itulah, taktaulah ape hasil skirt yang diorder tu. harap2nya OK> as per described.

Takbest sgt. kita shopping ber'had' jgk (eh, ada ke?) Haha. Lepas ni, kena jaga2... konon!

bride2wife said...

teeny..maxi dress ZARA lawa..but price wise mahal RM300++

semalam I went WAREHOUSE ada 50% off for the maxi dress..lawa!! but dah promised husband not to shop again! :( hehe