Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Skirt Reveals

Happy weekend everyone. So, have you not watch Harry Potter 7 Part I? For a fan, I think it's the perfect 2nd last movie because I know - the last one next year would have top all 7 movies! At least, I can hope for that. Hehehe.

So, I haven't been online shopping for a while now. The last one would be the skirt - I have wore them twice, once in KL and another time today while Sushi-ing in Brunei for lunch (or brunch - I think! we shared a bowl of cereal in the morning) As promised, here's how it looks like. And as described in my previous post - effect varies according to size. But I thought and feel good about the whole attire. Haha! One can always puji diri sendiri~

Leather Sling bag - as always (Mak's now i think boleh consider mine) Pashmina (Rasanya Maktam bagi. if not, then I amek Mak punya. Haha!) Dorothy Perkins's pink top and slim belt, Skirt from Ammara Hijabi and slouchy-due crocs!

I actually ordered in beige. Tapi this is more cream, than beige. And the waist is quite big too (Given than i actually provided the measurement, I must have measure at the wrong place) And I too am waiting for a black one coming. It should have come together with this, but something happened an they had to delay...

OKlah. tu dulu :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. Watpe tu?

I think Raya AidilAdha ni - paling bosan kot. huhu...

My mum mesti terkejut disebabkan anaknya masak kuew tiaw sup bodoh (with home made keras chicken meat balls)
Mak mertua pulak - mungkin geleng kepala senyum ikhlas yg mengataka "sabojela dapat menantu camni"

ada kambing dalam peti ais tu. masak ape plak agaknya.

Salam Aidiladha semua - yang penting, minggu depan my family is coming!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Surviving The 2nd Weekend

Hi Again.
Teeny @home in Ampang :) Can't sleep - or rather, decided not to - yet! Hehe. I have this anxiety of having to savor the at-home-moments lah kononnya.

So, to update a little - I'm actually not going to just stay for the weekend but the whole week until Friday for a course on a performance management system - basically something that has got to do with a system to report our production-lah. Bukan manually lagi. Anyways, that I have got to master to be cascaded to my colleagues later!

Apparently, (I hope this is true) my SM told me that the potential of me going to Labuan is huge. Both her and the other SM have agreed to let me go, so i hope to leave Miri for the good but boring Labuan - to keep our little family together & to pursue for a more fascinating work venture with our partner at their terminal there... (I get to drive my car! :P --- oooo, best....)

Anyways, the weekend - hope for no more shopping. Walaupun still itchy to buy stuffs - giler Teeny! Tomorrow is Zalina's Persandingan. She got hitched today at Masjid Wilayah. So, tomorrow; Mawarni, Sajidah, Tahirah & I are meeting together at Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda for the reception. Yahoo! :)

Well, Zukry is in KK again. For a team building plak kali ni. Nampaknya, last weekend takcukup bonding activity agaknye. Huhu. Tapi paling best, next weekend - we'll have our "reunited, and it feels so good" weekend!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skirts and more skirts!

As mentioned, I recently bought a skirt from AmmaraHijabi - well actually, 2 skirts same pattern. Not yet siap, but booked at 50% total price. With my hips and waist size (current - of course) emailed to them, they said it should be ready by this week - so next week, if sampai jgn jakun tgk Teeny pakai skirt everyday! :) It supposed to look like this. Effect may vary, due to size! Hehehe... excuse me.

Long skirt are so in-style now, (I want to think they are!) - of course, maxi dress are too - tapi tu lah, nak beli yg murah, too nampak the not-qualityness. Tapi mahal sgt - cam rugi jgk, cam nak gi dinner aje... Anyways, let's drool on skirts this weekend. Shopping lagi ke? i'm becoming hoarders! Waaaaaa!!!


Where have I been?
I've getting remarks asking to update more frequently. I don't think I have many readers, but I do have some! Hahaha :) After all, this blog was supposed to be my second journal - btw, I don't have the first journal - but I should, but whatever...

So, I'm currently in my maxi dress bought at Primark, covered with a Tshirt also bought at Primark - a T-shirtlike shawl on my head waiting for my housemate Izza to come and pick me up for dinner! I balik lambat jgk tadi, tapi Izza usually lebih lambat. I kurang rajin. I rajin, tapi kurang sket dari Izza. Hahaha! Hasfa, jgn gtau dia :P

I have not been away too long. I was in Labuan for a couple of weekends. I was in KL last weekend, but most of the days I was in Miri. But yeah, never felt like it. Except of course when I was at the office... Tu pun sbb orang ckp srwk - which was still very rarely to these ears. Anyways, basically I've been around. Doing a lot of things - just keeping myself busy.

Kepada Sajidah & Mawarni, the kain kuning we bought at the souvenir place aritu - sy cadang nak buat jadi camni...

Image from

Tapi blum jadi pape lagi! haha!