Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sewing Class

October Sewing Class supposed to start this Sunday but I'm currently in Labuan while Izza is in KL. So, probably; next week I can do 4 hours. See lah, how...

Do you think cikgu can teach me to do this? Then I won't have to shop at Dorothy Perkins again. I have twice sepanjang cuti raya aritu. Siap dapat voucher RM25 after Zukry's Jeans at Topman. Tu yang jadi twice tu.

Cantik kan? Tangan tu mesti nak kena lining, but probably of the same material. Chiffon-like... Paired with my new palazzo, hotness! :)


daju said...

hehe..smgttt you shopping aritu..
byk sgt bnda..

belum tgk start tgk glee lagi..greys je mcm kurang best je season premier of greys..

cant wait for oct to end..i nk balek KL..cpttlaa..oct mcm byk je bnda due kan...

Harteeny said...

Biasa - when it comes to shopping, semangat ku berkobar2 :P

Greys - takpernah terpikir nak download. It has somehow lost its glory. Unless Mr Shuester tiba2 sakit and masuk Seattle Hospital! :P

OCT means MYPR and Quarterly Reports. I'm doomed. Hehe. Tapi ada masa nak entertain friends/family datang this week!