Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never Get Tired of Planning Our Weekends Together

Another Monday is coming! Hehe, that means a lot of work pending needs my urgent focus and please - help me to meet those ridiculous datelines! Seriously, the centre needs to understand how operations work and stop demanding too much :P (pepandai aje...!)

So, fast forward to this coming weekend. Zukry's coming and the plan is to bring him over to Brunei for his experience at the famous (at least among SKO peeps) Excapade Sushi at Kuala Belait on Saturday. So for the rest of the other times, we'll decide later. Among ideas were to check out the i-phone 4 at Maxis Centre Boulevard. Looking at the payment to be made to the new car I think I just invested (Well, it was not an investment; but it will cost me much-much more than a LV tote!); I'm not sure about iPhone4. With the PS3 Move lagi, etc. :P Cita2 mesti tinggi...!

Anyways, after this weekend; I'll have 2 weekends without my husband. First, when he'll be at Pulau Tiga for a recreational thing with PML peeps - I think I'm going to go back to KL. And during Deepavali weekend, I'll be attending Zalina's wedding without him (as biasalah, tiket LBU - KL mahal... haish~)

Camne? Life after marriage, is about planning for the weekends. Cepatlah dapat pindah duduk bersama. I think, I don't mind Labuan with visits to KK once a month :P MakTam, MakNgah - tolong doakan ye...


Anonymous said...

InsyAllah boleh doakan. Why not you write a list of things you want me to doa. That way, I can carry it while tawaf kaabah and doakan for you, insyAllah.

...mak tam.

Harteeny said...

Thanks MakTam. Weekend ni kami karang. One set dah share dgn MakNgah :)