Tuesday, October 26, 2010

  • I've been bloghopping to many plus size fashionistas
  • As well as hijabis - there are so many online!
  • Ordered a flowy skirt (zukry taktau, now he knows :P)
  • Am now in Btu, esok baru balik.
  • Today experienced flight being cancelled - apparently Captain MC! apekah?
  • Today's meeting was a bit a challenge to my patience but I kept my calm - agak bagus.
  • Makan a little too much compare to any days since last week. Tido tak cukup, travel dalam van yang melompat all the way, so yeah~
  • weekend ni balik KL gi kenduri Maktam! nak tengok umah lama jadi baru!
  • weekend depan balik KL gi kenduri kahwin Zalina
  • 3 weeks without Zukry on weekends! - Takbest langsung... :( tapi i'll survive as always. Mak, kita kena busykan diri! :)
  • Mau beli PS3 dengan Move unit
  • Mau settlekan kereta baru itu
  • Mau apply kerja kat Labuan tu. hantar resume and all to ~

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