Tuesday, October 26, 2010

  • I've been bloghopping to many plus size fashionistas
  • As well as hijabis - there are so many online!
  • Ordered a flowy skirt (zukry taktau, now he knows :P)
  • Am now in Btu, esok baru balik.
  • Today experienced flight being cancelled - apparently Captain MC! apekah?
  • Today's meeting was a bit a challenge to my patience but I kept my calm - agak bagus.
  • Makan a little too much compare to any days since last week. Tido tak cukup, travel dalam van yang melompat all the way, so yeah~
  • weekend ni balik KL gi kenduri Maktam! nak tengok umah lama jadi baru!
  • weekend depan balik KL gi kenduri kahwin Zalina
  • 3 weeks without Zukry on weekends! - Takbest langsung... :( tapi i'll survive as always. Mak, kita kena busykan diri! :)
  • Mau beli PS3 dengan Move unit
  • Mau settlekan kereta baru itu
  • Mau apply kerja kat Labuan tu. hantar resume and all to ~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never Get Tired of Planning Our Weekends Together

Another Monday is coming! Hehe, that means a lot of work pending needs my urgent focus and please - help me to meet those ridiculous datelines! Seriously, the centre needs to understand how operations work and stop demanding too much :P (pepandai aje...!)

So, fast forward to this coming weekend. Zukry's coming and the plan is to bring him over to Brunei for his experience at the famous (at least among SKO peeps) Excapade Sushi at Kuala Belait on Saturday. So for the rest of the other times, we'll decide later. Among ideas were to check out the i-phone 4 at Maxis Centre Boulevard. Looking at the payment to be made to the new car I think I just invested (Well, it was not an investment; but it will cost me much-much more than a LV tote!); I'm not sure about iPhone4. With the PS3 Move lagi, etc. :P Cita2 mesti tinggi...!

Anyways, after this weekend; I'll have 2 weekends without my husband. First, when he'll be at Pulau Tiga for a recreational thing with PML peeps - I think I'm going to go back to KL. And during Deepavali weekend, I'll be attending Zalina's wedding without him (as biasalah, tiket LBU - KL mahal... haish~)

Camne? Life after marriage, is about planning for the weekends. Cepatlah dapat pindah duduk bersama. I think, I don't mind Labuan with visits to KK once a month :P MakTam, MakNgah - tolong doakan ye...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mawarni, Sajidah and Me

I'm writing while waiting for my two best friends to arrive at Miri Airport. This is my first time having friends coming over from KL - just visiting. So, I have got to be the greatest hostess there is! :)

We were all still working today. I guess immediately after work, they left for LCCT but unfortunately the flight was delayed thus ETA is now at 2200 HRS. I was still at the office until about 7PM... I have some handover to do and my PPA review with my then housemate, now Supervisor. Hehehe... (which BTW, ada a gazillion corrections / enhancements to make)

I left for Boulevard for the foldable matresses (in the effort to become the greatest hostess kan) and a shoe rack for the expandable collection of shoes - I just realized that I have 4 pairs of Lewre shoes! I mean, sejak bila Lewre jadi kegemaranku? 2 pairs of Clarks, that new Aldo, flats of many kind, etc. One shoe rack can't fit all of them, I'm sure... Never mind them, back to my two besties coming over!

So, the plan:
  1. Malam ni, tido kat rumah saya lah - terus balik from airport
  2. Esok, Niah Cave Excursion - This will be my exercise for the Raya makan2. Haha!
  3. Lusa, ke Brunei. Nak cari ke famous Sushi tu. Kalo takjumpa kat Gadong; we'll stop at Kuala Belait on the way back lah
  4. Tulat, jalan2 around Miri. Shopping2. Nak tunjuk kat mana ofisku, terminal, mana SHELL, KRP, lalalala...

Malam ni, mesti kena charge camera. Masukkan bateri dalam torchlight. And backpack mesti mau get ready... chewah. Kena pinjam kete Izza sebab kelisa tu, orang pusat servis advise not to drive jauh2... Tunggu after next servis.

O, next trip to LBU - cita2 nak beli Honda Civic. You think it's time?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm trendy! :O

Spotted, Gossip Girl's Blair was with the Alexa Messenger! Of course, hers is the original Mulberry while my red one is INSPIRED by the original one. Hehehe...


P/s: Ika, ok - boleh baca sekali lagi... :P

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sewing Class

October Sewing Class supposed to start this Sunday but I'm currently in Labuan while Izza is in KL. So, probably; next week I can do 4 hours. See lah, how...

Do you think cikgu can teach me to do this? Then I won't have to shop at Dorothy Perkins again. I have twice sepanjang cuti raya aritu. Siap dapat voucher RM25 after Zukry's Jeans at Topman. Tu yang jadi twice tu.

Cantik kan? Tangan tu mesti nak kena lining, but probably of the same material. Chiffon-like... Paired with my new palazzo, hotness! :)