Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Date at IKEA

Salam everyone. How's the week treating you? I'm just glad that we are already in the middle of the week. So I guess, after tomorrow & work on Friday - I can be excused to visit dearest husband in Labuan after about 2 weeks! Rindu wooo. Rindu-serindunya... Since June, last weekend was the first weekend we missed spending time with each other. Luckily I was at KL. So, I was pretty occupied.

Anyway, my next trip to Labuan this time will consist of a huge orange Delcy luggage! The luggage brought especially for Zukry's IKEA stuffs we shopped during our date together on a beautiful Friday, 17th Sept :) IKEA shopping trip wouldn't be complete with a round of that sinful Daim cake and yummylicious meatballs that match perfectly with that cranberry sauce. Sedapnya! :) So among items that were still unpacked:
  1. A set of 2 frying pans
  2. A set of 2 pots
  3. A set of knives (4 kinds - just like what i had in my kitchen)
  4. A cute yellow stool (I have in green and blue)
  5. A black plastic chopping board
  6. A set of kitchen utensils (4 kinds)
These of of course weren't all. I had my share of shopping too! It's just that my stuffs were already unpack here in Miri. Hehehe... They include:
  1. RM29.90 Quilt cover and pillow case set - Cheap, kan?! :)
  2. A pair of sewing sciccors
  3. 2 kain perca IKEA (hot pink and white polka dot over bright blue)
  4. A salad bowl 0 for my cooking batter - if I ever decided to bake ~ bila agaknya...
  5. A mini stirer powered by 2 batteries - That reminds me, I belum beli batteries lagi!
I don't know if I've missed anything. But even if I haven't, yes - the luggage was extremely heavy from KL to Miri. It will be lighter when it's going to Labuan soon. but with Zukry's sport shoe lagi, my baju lagi - haih, sama aje... ;)

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