Thursday, September 30, 2010

Britney for Glee!

Oh, please excuse this short very personal entry. But I have just watched Glee S02E02 - the Britney episode! and that "The Only Exception" song really went through me.

I was trying to call Zukry after a little 'bad ngengada' time we had just before I started watching Glee. It was too small to even mention - but i guess I just got to say it was super weird as it was about what I enjoy most "shopping".

He had just bought himself an MU jersey with his nickname and his number to match - get this "ONLINE"! He has somehow get a little bit of my craziness of online shopping and treat himself to a jersey - AND a T-shirt too! So, i was jealous! To act on this, I thought of buying myself one too. I have put what i chose in the basket; but as an act of protest/ngengada I choose not to buy. And since then, he's not picking up my calls. boooo~

Tak kesah pn, esok kena mengadap muka ni jugak kan? Sorry bang, you are MY ONLY EXCEPTION. hehehehe... kepada yang bukan Zukry, puke somewhere else! Uweekkk~ Jangan mare lelame. Esok kejut kul5.45 ye. Mekaseh :)

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