Thursday, September 30, 2010

Britney for Glee!

Oh, please excuse this short very personal entry. But I have just watched Glee S02E02 - the Britney episode! and that "The Only Exception" song really went through me.

I was trying to call Zukry after a little 'bad ngengada' time we had just before I started watching Glee. It was too small to even mention - but i guess I just got to say it was super weird as it was about what I enjoy most "shopping".

He had just bought himself an MU jersey with his nickname and his number to match - get this "ONLINE"! He has somehow get a little bit of my craziness of online shopping and treat himself to a jersey - AND a T-shirt too! So, i was jealous! To act on this, I thought of buying myself one too. I have put what i chose in the basket; but as an act of protest/ngengada I choose not to buy. And since then, he's not picking up my calls. boooo~

Tak kesah pn, esok kena mengadap muka ni jugak kan? Sorry bang, you are MY ONLY EXCEPTION. hehehehe... kepada yang bukan Zukry, puke somewhere else! Uweekkk~ Jangan mare lelame. Esok kejut kul5.45 ye. Mekaseh :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Date at IKEA

Salam everyone. How's the week treating you? I'm just glad that we are already in the middle of the week. So I guess, after tomorrow & work on Friday - I can be excused to visit dearest husband in Labuan after about 2 weeks! Rindu wooo. Rindu-serindunya... Since June, last weekend was the first weekend we missed spending time with each other. Luckily I was at KL. So, I was pretty occupied.

Anyway, my next trip to Labuan this time will consist of a huge orange Delcy luggage! The luggage brought especially for Zukry's IKEA stuffs we shopped during our date together on a beautiful Friday, 17th Sept :) IKEA shopping trip wouldn't be complete with a round of that sinful Daim cake and yummylicious meatballs that match perfectly with that cranberry sauce. Sedapnya! :) So among items that were still unpacked:
  1. A set of 2 frying pans
  2. A set of 2 pots
  3. A set of knives (4 kinds - just like what i had in my kitchen)
  4. A cute yellow stool (I have in green and blue)
  5. A black plastic chopping board
  6. A set of kitchen utensils (4 kinds)
These of of course weren't all. I had my share of shopping too! It's just that my stuffs were already unpack here in Miri. Hehehe... They include:
  1. RM29.90 Quilt cover and pillow case set - Cheap, kan?! :)
  2. A pair of sewing sciccors
  3. 2 kain perca IKEA (hot pink and white polka dot over bright blue)
  4. A salad bowl 0 for my cooking batter - if I ever decided to bake ~ bila agaknya...
  5. A mini stirer powered by 2 batteries - That reminds me, I belum beli batteries lagi!
I don't know if I've missed anything. But even if I haven't, yes - the luggage was extremely heavy from KL to Miri. It will be lighter when it's going to Labuan soon. but with Zukry's sport shoe lagi, my baju lagi - haih, sama aje... ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teeny's back

I survived my 12 hours in Miri. Oh, when would I stop making it such a big deal coming back to Miri from awesome days in Kuala-lala Lumpur :) Even without dearest Zukry?! Huhu.

So, I hope to be writing more often (by writing of course I meant blogging/typing) However, due to the not yet submitted performance appraisal; I may have to cut a bit of time doing so. Iye ke? No lah, probably I have many other stories to tell kot. And I hope not to bring any work home. I have not been doing that since I'm no longer with the cursed duty phone :P Hehehe...

First and foremost, my Aldo Oxford Shoe. Today, I wore the shoe from home in Ampang to home in Miri. I bought it in a bigger size however, this just can't top the comfort of a Clarks shoe. They bite my feet like crazy. Melecet at especially my left foot. Tapi alhamdulillah, belakang aje. That means, kelebaran kaki didn't effect much. But still, i love the shoe to the bits. Color dia agak awesome. Vintage-like. I just wish they are kinder, to my feet that is. To those yang tak tengok the shoe in my facebook, sila lah tatap beliau di sini

Thursday, September 23, 2010

AidilFitri 2010

I supposed pictures will do the story for me in this entry. However, i still haven't got all ready. So here are some for your viewing. My first raya in Bagan Serai, with nothing but pure Bagan Serai experience. Hehe...

Yang penting, bangun pagi, sejuk cam aircond tapi takde aircond :) best!

True, i had fun. Especially when it comes to dressing up the kids for Raya. All sibuk nak bergambar tapi malu2. The khutbah raya was a bit lengthy (boleh dengar sampai ke rumah...), so we had to wait for the gentlemen quite a while... sementara itu, bergambar lah dengan si Kecils...

Awish and Nisa

Awish potrays the true meaning of naughty. I guess, Mizan was like him when he was smaller. He was everywhere, every time! He didn't even care if people piat telinga, pukul bontot, cubit ke! He would say "Tak sakit poooowwwwnnn!" - serious GERAM.

However, there are incident when he was just freaking afraid of especially his father. They were 2 cases which he cried while we were praying in the room (so, i didn't get to see what happened) and another, when my SIL brought him outside of the gate and threaten to leave him there for the night. Satu Kampung Keramat boleh dengar kot.

Despite all this, I'd like to think he's still my favourite. I hope none of them read this BTW. Haha! He's a dear to Zukry. Zukry said, he grew up with him in Nilai before PETRONAS happened. So, yeah... And being naughty and tak-makan-saman, he's a camera whore. Wants his picture taken especially when he knew everyone is actually dressed up for Raya that Raya AM :) How I miss 1 Syawal already...

I was wondering what does 'beraya' means... Zukry was saying "beraya dulu... br gi kubur. etc" rupanya, beraya tu - mohon maaf and amek gambar dulu. Mohon maaf is the beraya. Picture above; Zukry sedang beraya... :)

Zukry with Awish

Zukry and I thought the sulam on his baju was a bit too much. The colour save the Baju Melayu from looking too wedding-y. Kan? My choice of sampin was right, the colour especially. This was right from my dad's sampin collection - guess we don't have to worry about sampin anymore - unlike for Nikah last year...! Bapak's collection is almost like a kedai sampin already! :)

In this picture, guess Zukry's Ahmad Rasdy gene really was strong. Especially the bushy eye brow :P

The whole family for the camera... We are so menonjol in green! :)

I'll be updating more pictures soon. I however, don't have a picture with my family. Should have a session during the "Jamuan Raya" last Saturday but I guess everyone was just so involved so we didn't have that much time :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hi. i'm in kl, still. Pnb darby park for a technical course i hope to bring in acd n ace my well intervention/ enhancement points (which gap is still thr)

Nways, amcam raya thn ni? Best? Mine, byk sgt nk cite.ada byk parts! Cuti awal, kerja inbetween, raya lagi, now course... Sronok tp al-penat! But actually, really no complaint whatsoever... I love this Syawal...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shawal 1431

Just a short post to wish everyone a blessed and happy Eid :) I'm at Bagan Serai and survived the first day of Raya with a well prepared Lontong complete with Sambal Sotong

Me : Sedap tak Lontong, Mak?
MIL : Seedaaappp....

True story. Haha!

Be safe this festive season. Kawan2 di KL, Jemput ke rumah next Saturday 18 Sept. Give me a call/SMS RSVP yeah. Ni betul2 invite :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

On Leave

OMG, esok balik Kuala Lumpur - Tanah Semenanjung yang aku rindui. OK, better pack first - if got time before sahur, I'll be here again :)

Packing while listening to Decorate. Must update Ipod song list for tomorrow's 2 hours flight. Ahhhh, bestnya!!!

Updated @2AM.
Takleh nak tido... Too many things done smpai mata pn takleh pejam. Tahirah, to answer ur question : 3 hari raya je. Ahad dpn dh balik BUT I'll be back on 16-19 Sept. So friends in KL, please singgah raya rumah I in Ampang Saturday 18 Sept 2010! Just SMS/Call when ur coming yeah... Ni ajak sungguh ni :) 20-26 Sept still in KL; ada training... So, 2 weekends in Ampang! Yeay.