Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yuna - Decorate

Can somebody please get me the album? I thought of buying online but it cost RM10 only for the delivery... I'm not stingy; just practical, no? hehe... listen to these.

I love all three of them. It reminds me of Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morrisette. Boleh? :) Ke too much? I don't know, i have to have the album first. Someone please get it for me. Ika/Baby/Kaklong, if you're reading - tolong boleh?

I should be listening to ceramah agama, nasyid or Quran recitations anyways... It's Ramadhan Hartini. What have you been doing, babe?

That big guy with guitar reminds me so much of Abang :)


Zulaikha said...

I'll get you that, and you'll get me Paramore's Riot album. Haha. But since it's Ramadhan, go and listen to Maher Zain lah. This is not a suggestion, you seriously have to listen to his songs!

Shafrina said...

klong pun tgh cari..

hasz_rushley said...

i pun nak the album...