Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can I cerita about baju raya already?

Zukry's away to Bowling alley after his Tarawih now. Don't ask me why there's a bowling game plak this month. Guess, if that's considered healthy exercise - why not... :) Better than the wife googling away, blogging and what not. Hehe...

So onto the subject. This year I have a total of 7 baju altogether made not specifically for the celebration ~ Aidilfitri but I guess looking at the ETC of all of them, they are going to be my baju raya. Agak tamak, NO? hehe... So let me list down all 7 of them!

  1. I sent chiffon like material to Dzoul at Bagan Serai. The boutique that did my wedding there at Zukry's place. Our theme for the year is green. So, i'm going to wear lime green and Zukry will wear a darker shade of green... It was supposed to be completed in July - but we haven't got the chance to balik kampung, so it's still there. I'm a bit worry about this number because I was measured way back when --- May I think. So, if i've grown during these times --- gosh, I'm not able to fit into THE baju raya! So berpuasalah, wahai Teeny :)
  2. Vietnam Cotton - bought from dearest Aunty, MakTam balik for Tahirah's wedding aritu. This was later sent to Mak (via Pos Express) as I thought at first; I'd like to use it as one of my sewing class, but tak jadi. This is magically turn into a Kebarung with a twist (crossing fingers that Peggy the Tailor will marvel me with the Twist!)
  3. Kamdar Cotton - good thumbs up for the color and the pattern from Mak and Peggy, even though it's from Kamdar and I think it was RM8 per metre! What a steal... This too will turn into a Kebarung Pesak like #2.
  4. OK, the other 4 sent to my sewing class teacher - Cikgu Nayah and Cikgu Rusaimah. Cikgu Nayah for the baju itself and Cikgu Rusaimah for the hand crafted sulaman and beading works. So, first up is the satin from China received from Abg's Cabutan Bertuah at our 2010 Family Day last CNY. This will be turned into a baju kurung pesak gantung with Simo (how its spelled, i don't know!) It's the tulang belut/mata lalat thing on the collar but a bit more extravagant. Hehe.
  5. The second one is also from China received from Abg Zukry's (Abg? :D) cabutan bertuah family day jugak :P This also will be baju kurung pesak gantung with sulaman insyaAllah... berapa-lah harganya nanti agaknya.
  6. Patterned Chiffon-like material that is going to be my second baju kurung modern with sulaman and beading work on it. Hope this one turn out great too. The material is from Labuan and a steal at below RM50 per pasang!
  7. Lastly, navy blue satin with batik sarong. This will be another baju kurung pesak gantung with heavy sulam. Also from Labuan :)
So, what do you think about this? Crazy, kan? Things i do for my obsession with clothes! Shhhussh! I can repeat these 4 times this Syawal 1431 :)


Anonymous said...

guess what... me and ika tak de baju raya so far. the condition of our nomadic life has dampen our spirit for raya really. lots of materials have not been sent for tailoring and don't even know where all of them are! worse come to worst, maybe we'll just buy off the rack :)
.. mak tam.

daju said...

banyaknyee baju..
i bought one masa cuti aritu in alpha angle..and another one in bintang that's it..
satu open house satu baju is it..
hey nnti i dtg raya your place ekk ;)

Harteeny said...

Hi Maktam, janganlah takde spirit raya - akak semangat ni. This is all lesson learnt from last year. 2 minggu sblm baru nak hantar kedai sbb nak matchy2. heheh. nanti balik kita gi shopping jom!

Hi Daju, banyak kan! you bought baju at Bintang? Where? Sure takde size I, u senang nak beli belah baju kurung kot. datang2 rumah I. dekat sangat dah..

Iman & Iqbal said...

auntie tini...
kitaorg pun dah siap baju raya.... tapi sepasang je.... yg pasang ke-2yang seterusnya nanti ibu beli la kalau sempat balik kedah nanti......harap2 smpt la