Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Berbuka Puasa at Lot 7368

Salam to all. Just want to update a little bit on the Majlis Berbuka Makan Kecil-Kecilan at Lot 7368 yesterday. I think, I did OK! I mean, the rice was cooked nicely - that basically following whatever recipe found on the internet and erfected by Izza's mum whom she called about 3/4 of the time rice was still in cooking mode :) The chicken - I'm not quite sure as I was afraid to touch them, in case takcukup! Kesian tak? I really hope they were OK. We had the already boiled chicken honey glazed and fried while another half mildly marinated and steamed. Chilli sauce is coutersy of KakAdda while chicken soup by dearest housemate, Izza.

There were Iced Lychee, Teh-C-Peng special; where people enjoyed more at doing it and see if they successfully created the 3 layers than finishing the actual product! :) Local fruits galore - Yellow watermelon and rambutans. Bottomline, GREAT COMPANY to have Buka Puasa with! That's the most important objective - met!

Thanks to those yang datang, today was just another berbuka sorang2 day... but alhamdulillah kenyang. I'm just too sleepy today. Better catch on with some sleep, else gi kerja ZZZZZZZZzzzz.... ;P

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