Sunday, August 22, 2010

About Lust = Mengenai Nafsu :)

*** Updated

I think the topic is appropriate in this holy Ramadan :) I have successfully purchased 2 bags of the same pattern but in different colours, 2 pouches - as stated in the blog-shop; coin and keys pouch and a locket watch.
Apparently, the bags weren't restockable. I asked for a hot pink and grey, and i couldn't get both but money has been refunded. Alhamdulillah... So i went searching at another blog and bought a red one instead. :)

I have received the pouches. So cute and slim (unlike tuan nya!) However one is rather small than what I have in mind, but no worries both are just gorgeous, clean cut - cantiklah :) Retrieved it directly from Pusat Mel Miri. Now, the locket watch is supposedly here already. Rasanya posman dah hantar ke Pusat Mel balik, since I takde kat umah kot~ kenal kol esok.

Even though i don't have to buy anything for buka this weekend except for some desserts as we attended two potlucks and kenyang bagai nak giler, I couldn't resist shopping online!

Need to stop. But the tudungs for raya belum beli! :) Ish3.

I'll put up their pictures once i receive them all. I'd like to use the blog-shop pictures, tapi cam - sabar sketlah. Tunggu i menggayakan the stuffs later. hehehe.

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