Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping For Self vs. Shopping For Others

Salam Everyone. It's 1134 PM, I'm sleepy but MU match is only starting at 1200 AM. Not that I have to watch, but at least menghabiskan masa while waiting (sebenarnya, alasan je. Zukry asked me to sleep already - tapi cam rugi kan, husband ada; mesti mau spend time together. Even if we are not doing the same thing pn. Heh!)

Anyway, to start this entry; let me list down all the items bought online past week and YES, i have received all by today! How amazing can internet be?! Besides fulfilling my ultimate lust over things; these are actually amazing stuffs. First up:

(1) Yuna album - Decorate from Laguna Music. The album itself cost RM29.90 which is standard price, however I have to pay extra RM10 for the shipping - quite expensive considering it's not that heavy and they are using the usual PosLaju. I have to still mention here, even with the RM10 extra - the album is truly worth the expense. The songs are all giler best! A mix of my personal favorite music range. My favorite is still decorate / super something / gadis semasa - the video I've posted.

(2) Pouches from Love Bag, Love Bag. These two are just charming little pouches. The first one is a little smaller that what I thought it would be but the color and material is really good. In fact, macam takpercaya jgk bila tgk tu. Funny thing is the name of the color is Choco when it was like the picture dark purple with pink lining. ~hehe... The second one is a bit bigger. In fact, it fits my handphone (Soon, if change to iPhone4 - taktaulah muat ke tak? Eceh, cita-cita mesti tinggi!) So, if to go out with only my IC/License/Cash and Handphone - this fits. It's made of PU material, glossy black. Ada some French writing on it too. According to its description from the site : inspired by Agnes B. (This I have no idea, who. Must google!)

(3) Locket Watch from Phat Culture. Actually, I've been eyeing for the locket watch for quite sometime already. I think probably since before kahwin lagi... Not sure, why i took so long. And now i know how to adjust the timing already, yeay! This is small, a little small compared to what i have in mind. I'm sure there's measurement advised from the site that I wasn't paying attention enough too. So in time I'm not wearing my Swatch/Longines/Fossil watch, here the RM37-pretty-locket watch :)

(4) Dokoh Citra from
Koleksi Vispera. I can't seem to remember how I actually landed to the website. But I'm pretty sure it was because of the pretty veils they made for that special day - ada lah link mane while blog-hopping... They are truly just so pretty, the veils I mean... Since, I'm so over it, takkan nak pakai raya - taksesuai ~ Haha! I found out they have a whole collection of these kerongsang perfect to updo that polos / dull baju kurung and of course, your kebaya/kebarung! Cantik giler. Zukry cakap it reminds him of Elly Suriyati from cerita lepas sahur; something called Syurgamu Ramadhan. I just got to agree ;) I saw it too. Hihi...

(5) Mulberry Inspired Alexa Slingbag in Red from
Teamo. To get this baby is truly a drama. I've so wanted ones in Hot Pink and Dull Grey like what was offered at Pumpkin but they were sold out. And then, I saw at Lovey-Dovey - that can actually restock both colours, but unfortunately; received a reply - only in black and white are restockable. Sob2. I have made up my mind, if i were to buy one - I'd like to go with colors that is not Black / Dark Brown (or any shades of brown for that matter) / White! So, go for Hot Pink instead (The dull grey is for my comfort aje - in case I'm not brave enough to strut with the Hot Pink!) Guess, it wasn't meant to be. Red is more subtle. I have always love red. I have one red handbag from Fossil, a birthday gift from Mak (mana dia? ... )

OK korang, Cleaning Out My Closet sent me an SMS for a Turqoise bag. Same pattern at RM90 including shipping. I paid RM93 for the red bag, inclusive of shipping. Should i get another one? Oh, i want another one! :) It's not white / black / dark brown nor is it too striking like Hot Pink. Check it out yourself. Leave a comment if i should/shouldn't. (Although, i have a strong feeling even though I shouldn't; I would - giler!)

(6) Long shawls/scarves from NADE NOOK. They are chiffon-silk like, and true as what the creator said; senang dibentuk. Zukry nods during my trials to all six of them. The color is great! Memang cantik2... It's RM15 with NadeNook tag on each of them - which is absolutely cool. I always support handmade items! :) Please check out her collection! Rambang mata! Thursday decided to buy, paid in the evening, Friday was posted - Claimed today at Poslaju!

So, I guess that ends my online shopping of the month. Yes, I know I've been a little crazy; bulan Ramadhan plak lagi. Ish3x.

But friends, the above is nothing compared to my experience shopping with Abu Ubaidah (11 YO) and Balqis (13 YO) from Rumah Anak-Anak Kesayangan Kami, RAAKK from the yearly program Sentuhan Kasih 2010 today. Last year, we were just the subs from the actual contributor - tukang shopping aje. But this year, I went all out. Asking my IOP friends if they'd like to contribute and in total - 6 of us including Zukry, Uthes, KakAdda, Sree, TJ and me give some time and money to these two. The rest share their money lah - but only Zukry and I went shopping. Oh how i adore shopping!

Unfortunately, I didn't have any camera with me (ada 1 / 2 pictures in Zukry's HP tapi takleh nak send pakai bluetooth ke my netbook; taktau nape...) so I can't show you guys how they were and the things we bought. Basically all were necessities for Aidilfitri celebration. Things that we would have bought ourselves...
  1. Very pink baju kurung polos with beading complete with pink Tudung instant and kerongsang for Balqis
  2. Purple baju melayu complete with sampin, songkok and butang baju melayu in dark purple for Abu
  3. Pink blouse and matching darker pink trouser with cool cartoon imprinted on from O'Kayce at Parkson for Balqis
  4. Kiko black long sleeved (requested to be long sleeved, so long sleeved it is!) with Soda Khakis to match
  5. Bata Bubblegums pink sandal with 3-in-1 Soda socks for Balqis while Abu opt for Bata Power black with gold lining shoe with matching socks. Ultimate happiness for Balqis as it was a 1 inch sandal. What a tween dream of, I guess. Abu wants everything in black, according to him "senang, takyah basuh" - or was it, "taksusah basuh" :P
  6. Toilettaries from Watson for both. Termasuklah Shampoo, Toothbrush, Bedak, lalala...
We were among the late ones as the shopping session ends. As you can see, no books / stationeries on the list. But we were actually running out of time already. Terlajak around 40 mins or maybe more kot! Heh.

I guess, today was a beautiful Saturday. Not only i get to enjoy all what I've shopped for online, I get to shop (MORE SHOPPING) for those who actually TRULY need it. That is the bigger side of me; I'm a proud to be a 4-hours mum! :) So everyone, this was indeed a long entry. I hope you enjoy reading this! Nitey-nite.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Working Days to Cuti Raya...

Salam everyone.

I have only been updating the post i made before, sorry about that. I have been - distracted! :) Anyway, this is still an update of what have been recently posted. Baju Raya and my online shopping success. Hehe...

Today, in fact just now; I received an SMS from my sewing teacher about the 4 pairs of Baju Raya sent to her for sulaman and beading work. She told me about the price and that they are all ready for pick up tomorrow! How great is that. The price was actually lesser than what I thought it would be, and I'm so grateful for that. Plus i have deposited some amount, so it doesn't feel too expensive anymore. Hopefully, they are all wonderful as what I have in mind right now :P

And today too, I have received my Locket Watch which was absolutely cute. Cuma time dia - camne nak adjust? dia cam terlambat 10 min... :( And a Poslaju note, i think that must be the Yuna - Decorate album and a kebaya kerongsang (they called is as Dokoh) bought online too. So tomorrow at noon, i'll be out and about - running errands for all these. I bet the Red bag will be in Miri tomorrow too. I can call in the morning just to make sure. Yay!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

About Lust = Mengenai Nafsu :)

*** Updated

I think the topic is appropriate in this holy Ramadan :) I have successfully purchased 2 bags of the same pattern but in different colours, 2 pouches - as stated in the blog-shop; coin and keys pouch and a locket watch.
Apparently, the bags weren't restockable. I asked for a hot pink and grey, and i couldn't get both but money has been refunded. Alhamdulillah... So i went searching at another blog and bought a red one instead. :)

I have received the pouches. So cute and slim (unlike tuan nya!) However one is rather small than what I have in mind, but no worries both are just gorgeous, clean cut - cantiklah :) Retrieved it directly from Pusat Mel Miri. Now, the locket watch is supposedly here already. Rasanya posman dah hantar ke Pusat Mel balik, since I takde kat umah kot~ kenal kol esok.

Even though i don't have to buy anything for buka this weekend except for some desserts as we attended two potlucks and kenyang bagai nak giler, I couldn't resist shopping online!

Need to stop. But the tudungs for raya belum beli! :) Ish3.

I'll put up their pictures once i receive them all. I'd like to use the blog-shop pictures, tapi cam - sabar sketlah. Tunggu i menggayakan the stuffs later. hehehe.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can I cerita about baju raya already?

Zukry's away to Bowling alley after his Tarawih now. Don't ask me why there's a bowling game plak this month. Guess, if that's considered healthy exercise - why not... :) Better than the wife googling away, blogging and what not. Hehe...

So onto the subject. This year I have a total of 7 baju altogether made not specifically for the celebration ~ Aidilfitri but I guess looking at the ETC of all of them, they are going to be my baju raya. Agak tamak, NO? hehe... So let me list down all 7 of them!

  1. I sent chiffon like material to Dzoul at Bagan Serai. The boutique that did my wedding there at Zukry's place. Our theme for the year is green. So, i'm going to wear lime green and Zukry will wear a darker shade of green... It was supposed to be completed in July - but we haven't got the chance to balik kampung, so it's still there. I'm a bit worry about this number because I was measured way back when --- May I think. So, if i've grown during these times --- gosh, I'm not able to fit into THE baju raya! So berpuasalah, wahai Teeny :)
  2. Vietnam Cotton - bought from dearest Aunty, MakTam balik for Tahirah's wedding aritu. This was later sent to Mak (via Pos Express) as I thought at first; I'd like to use it as one of my sewing class, but tak jadi. This is magically turn into a Kebarung with a twist (crossing fingers that Peggy the Tailor will marvel me with the Twist!)
  3. Kamdar Cotton - good thumbs up for the color and the pattern from Mak and Peggy, even though it's from Kamdar and I think it was RM8 per metre! What a steal... This too will turn into a Kebarung Pesak like #2.
  4. OK, the other 4 sent to my sewing class teacher - Cikgu Nayah and Cikgu Rusaimah. Cikgu Nayah for the baju itself and Cikgu Rusaimah for the hand crafted sulaman and beading works. So, first up is the satin from China received from Abg's Cabutan Bertuah at our 2010 Family Day last CNY. This will be turned into a baju kurung pesak gantung with Simo (how its spelled, i don't know!) It's the tulang belut/mata lalat thing on the collar but a bit more extravagant. Hehe.
  5. The second one is also from China received from Abg Zukry's (Abg? :D) cabutan bertuah family day jugak :P This also will be baju kurung pesak gantung with sulaman insyaAllah... berapa-lah harganya nanti agaknya.
  6. Patterned Chiffon-like material that is going to be my second baju kurung modern with sulaman and beading work on it. Hope this one turn out great too. The material is from Labuan and a steal at below RM50 per pasang!
  7. Lastly, navy blue satin with batik sarong. This will be another baju kurung pesak gantung with heavy sulam. Also from Labuan :)
So, what do you think about this? Crazy, kan? Things i do for my obsession with clothes! Shhhussh! I can repeat these 4 times this Syawal 1431 :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Berbuka Puasa at Lot 7368

Salam to all. Just want to update a little bit on the Majlis Berbuka Makan Kecil-Kecilan at Lot 7368 yesterday. I think, I did OK! I mean, the rice was cooked nicely - that basically following whatever recipe found on the internet and erfected by Izza's mum whom she called about 3/4 of the time rice was still in cooking mode :) The chicken - I'm not quite sure as I was afraid to touch them, in case takcukup! Kesian tak? I really hope they were OK. We had the already boiled chicken honey glazed and fried while another half mildly marinated and steamed. Chilli sauce is coutersy of KakAdda while chicken soup by dearest housemate, Izza.

There were Iced Lychee, Teh-C-Peng special; where people enjoyed more at doing it and see if they successfully created the 3 layers than finishing the actual product! :) Local fruits galore - Yellow watermelon and rambutans. Bottomline, GREAT COMPANY to have Buka Puasa with! That's the most important objective - met!

Thanks to those yang datang, today was just another berbuka sorang2 day... but alhamdulillah kenyang. I'm just too sleepy today. Better catch on with some sleep, else gi kerja ZZZZZZZZzzzz.... ;P

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yuna - Decorate

Can somebody please get me the album? I thought of buying online but it cost RM10 only for the delivery... I'm not stingy; just practical, no? hehe... listen to these.

I love all three of them. It reminds me of Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morrisette. Boleh? :) Ke too much? I don't know, i have to have the album first. Someone please get it for me. Ika/Baby/Kaklong, if you're reading - tolong boleh?

I should be listening to ceramah agama, nasyid or Quran recitations anyways... It's Ramadhan Hartini. What have you been doing, babe?

That big guy with guitar reminds me so much of Abang :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cooking~ for >10 pax?

Do you think i can cook? I think I can, but results showed I can't sometimes and that frustrated me.

Tomorrow, let's try my first ever Nasi Ayam at my place. I'm cooking and I truly hope I don't mess it up. How hard can Nasi Ayam be? I've done a good lontong, very well nasi lemak... so Nasi Ayam should not be very difficult kan?