Saturday, July 31, 2010

Teeny's Pregnant? - Not Yet

While Zukry is running his belly off, I'm at McDonald's Labuan. He sent me here at 6.30 in the morning and get to his Labuan Run, he participated. I know I should be there cheering for him, NO - I know i should be there running too, apekan daya; takterdaya! Takmahu seribu dalih - PERIOD.

One of the random thing i wish to put up last week, was the fact that I shouldn't be doing pregnancy test every 2 days after I knew my period was delayed last week. I was anxious and just could wait to find out. We are currently trying, as we decided the distance is not stopping us for this anymore. There's no urgency / pressure of getting one little baby but an addition to the already big family is one that many is waiting for too... but yeah, we think that we are ready for a baby.

So last week, was the missed period week. my anxiety made me a calculative bi*ch. I was marking calendars, visiting the due date calendar at many different sites, reading up and down of the first 2 chapters "What to Expect When You're Expecting" --- basically I was like ex-Mrs Shuester. Like literally... like the doctor in Glee said, "... you want a baby so bad that your body mimics the symptoms..." I started feeling all the symptoms (kononnya lah but actually it's more of my body is making all the symptoms significant) When all of that were just telling me that period is coming, do you know that it's almost the same...?

Anyway, i'm glad that I have my period. Because that means I'm ovulating still :) Boleh ke cakap camtu kat sini. Ah, who reads this anyway? setakat Ika, KakLong and Maktam tu - boleh diterima lagi... Heheh. How are you girls? I miss KL - This is my 1 month away from KL. From Mak, annoying but well-loved siblings, cousins and the circus at Lot 3026! :)

So, while waiting for Zukry; I've decided to put up an entry exclusively for the UK/France trip. Ah i miss London & the ever-romantic Paris...

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