Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Planned Surprise is not a Surprise

Hi all (Again)
I'm in KLIA alone (for yet another time) after a meeting in PETT today. It was a daily trip, so I was up from 4.20 AM today morning and only will arrive at home at around 11.45 PM. I think this is not healthy but many other things I did was unhealthy either. Haha! It was once in a quarter thing kot.

Anyway, while I am here - Zukry is in Miri right at this moment. Probably enjoying 'Knight and Day' at Bintang Plaza, killing time while waiting for me to arrive (insyaAllah safely) It was supposed to be our planned surprise thing - where he would just travel to accompany me in Miri - sesaje. Little that we know, my company had to send me to a meeting on the day that we planned. Since we get enough to justify I should attend & be a good employee, Zukry enjoyed his free time in Miri while I get to enjoy mine too here... despite the many action items waiting from the meeting itself. Huhu.

Oh, i just got start fasting again! My experience yesterday, fasting after so long (I think my last time was when I finished my puasa 6 last year!) was terrible. Headaches that was nearly unbearable. I was tired the whole day, dozed off in meetings, i just got to stop working and take a nap because I was just so ~ sigh... I just got to train my body to not eat too much! Ape nak jadik?

OKlah, it's almost 8. I got to board already. InsyaAllah, we want to try and get Maxis broadband this weekend. Sree, if you're reading this - I'm a little influenced by your recommendation! Hehehe... If Maxis get to solve my internet problem, I will write more in the near future. I want to update our Euro trip last month so much! :)

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