Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacay Part I

Updated missing captions before :) Sorry menda ni delay. internet connection ngok-ngek, now with Streamyx insyaAllah.. sume mesti complete entry.


Change Euro to Bahrain Dinar (Was it EU10 or EU20, takingat...)

Sunset at Bahrain. This is taken from the area where we stayed. We were taking the next flight out to London at 0100 HRS Bahrain time. So, we get to enjoy a little bit of the city while waiting for free dinner at the hotel :)

One of our first trip on the long and high escalators Underground. Mizan may not like this... Hehe

There, us almost immediately when we saw the London eye. The weather greeted us so well. It was warm and windy (I like). After we arrived, we waited a little bit at the airport for our host, Rozie. Nicest kid in town! Hehe... We went back to drop our heavy and big bags, get ready and headed out back to explore London. Tak-menyempat!

Zukry was always with the bigger camera, my dad's. Snapping pictures all over the city. Didn't care much of who, what, when to capture... just snap, snap, snap! We worried a little too much on not getting enough memories to look at the first few hours of this little trip...

In front of Westminster Abbey, thank God for Firdaus. He took care of us after Rozi left for her lab.

This was in front of the Buckingham Palace. Takdapat nak appreciate sangat, even though I already what it looks like - it didn't seem to have marvel me. Maybe the inside can... :)

Trafalgar Square where the England and Mexico supporters gather to show their support to their respective teams for the friendly game that night. Tapi England supporters, ada lah 5 kerat kat belakang tu. Huhu...

and to end the day, i just had to call my cousin all the way from Brunel Uni; to simply meet up and have dinner. Kena amek gambar sebagai prove to his mother. Amanah ni. Haha! He's in KL at my house now, (while rumah dia ada major renovation) enjoying his summer hols.

Tu dulu. sambung lagi nanti... :)

Teeny's Pregnant? - Not Yet

While Zukry is running his belly off, I'm at McDonald's Labuan. He sent me here at 6.30 in the morning and get to his Labuan Run, he participated. I know I should be there cheering for him, NO - I know i should be there running too, apekan daya; takterdaya! Takmahu seribu dalih - PERIOD.

One of the random thing i wish to put up last week, was the fact that I shouldn't be doing pregnancy test every 2 days after I knew my period was delayed last week. I was anxious and just could wait to find out. We are currently trying, as we decided the distance is not stopping us for this anymore. There's no urgency / pressure of getting one little baby but an addition to the already big family is one that many is waiting for too... but yeah, we think that we are ready for a baby.

So last week, was the missed period week. my anxiety made me a calculative bi*ch. I was marking calendars, visiting the due date calendar at many different sites, reading up and down of the first 2 chapters "What to Expect When You're Expecting" --- basically I was like ex-Mrs Shuester. Like literally... like the doctor in Glee said, "... you want a baby so bad that your body mimics the symptoms..." I started feeling all the symptoms (kononnya lah but actually it's more of my body is making all the symptoms significant) When all of that were just telling me that period is coming, do you know that it's almost the same...?

Anyway, i'm glad that I have my period. Because that means I'm ovulating still :) Boleh ke cakap camtu kat sini. Ah, who reads this anyway? setakat Ika, KakLong and Maktam tu - boleh diterima lagi... Heheh. How are you girls? I miss KL - This is my 1 month away from KL. From Mak, annoying but well-loved siblings, cousins and the circus at Lot 3026! :)

So, while waiting for Zukry; I've decided to put up an entry exclusively for the UK/France trip. Ah i miss London & the ever-romantic Paris...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A new meaning of Lepak at LBU

Zukry cakap over breakfast and internet surfing at McDonald's Labuan Airport "Lebih baik hidung tersumbat, daripada taik hidung terkeluar" --- Haha! That should be his status on FB, taksure if he put it on or not! He was saying that sebab his hidung tersumbat, and taik hidung he saw on mine! Grossy-gross! :)

Some random things:
  1. I have to read MORE. Allocate sometime to read. Takperlu pn sebenarnya, just stop doing crappy stuffs. Jangan buang masa. Period. Penting utk tambah vocab yang sememangnya kurang giler, else i'd be writing giler best lagi bagus.
  2. Rajinkan diri ke bank for ASB savings. The before plan for savings are no longer enough, misti mau upgrade! :) Semalam pakai tipu je orang bank tu bila dia tanya dah buat ASB loan ke belum. I belum, tapi jawab dah
  3. Sila google Bandar Seri Saujana, daripada google plus size blogshop aje! :) Suruh Zukry google the same thing too! He's been on FB too much dah!
  4. Sy mau CD original Yuna.
  5. Zukry is smiling over Can I Help You - Riuh Pagi Era on the internet!
Ok tu dulu. Nanti I'll come back. InsyaAllah soon akan ada Streamyx at home!!! Whooohooo!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Planned Surprise is not a Surprise

Hi all (Again)
I'm in KLIA alone (for yet another time) after a meeting in PETT today. It was a daily trip, so I was up from 4.20 AM today morning and only will arrive at home at around 11.45 PM. I think this is not healthy but many other things I did was unhealthy either. Haha! It was once in a quarter thing kot.

Anyway, while I am here - Zukry is in Miri right at this moment. Probably enjoying 'Knight and Day' at Bintang Plaza, killing time while waiting for me to arrive (insyaAllah safely) It was supposed to be our planned surprise thing - where he would just travel to accompany me in Miri - sesaje. Little that we know, my company had to send me to a meeting on the day that we planned. Since we get enough to justify I should attend & be a good employee, Zukry enjoyed his free time in Miri while I get to enjoy mine too here... despite the many action items waiting from the meeting itself. Huhu.

Oh, i just got start fasting again! My experience yesterday, fasting after so long (I think my last time was when I finished my puasa 6 last year!) was terrible. Headaches that was nearly unbearable. I was tired the whole day, dozed off in meetings, i just got to stop working and take a nap because I was just so ~ sigh... I just got to train my body to not eat too much! Ape nak jadik?

OKlah, it's almost 8. I got to board already. InsyaAllah, we want to try and get Maxis broadband this weekend. Sree, if you're reading this - I'm a little influenced by your recommendation! Hehehe... If Maxis get to solve my internet problem, I will write more in the near future. I want to update our Euro trip last month so much! :)

Wedding Weekend in KL

Hi all.
This was written on Sunday on my 'sophisticated' phone :)

I'm alone again at KLIA after a weekend with friends, family and husband. I am now waiting for the next flight to Miri to continue yet another week without husband. I think this is our more than 52 weeks NOT together. Haha! Seriously, I hate to have had weekdays of only phone calls, emails, chat, SMS, unsure of the meaning of each messages...

Anyway, this weekend was all about Tahirah's wedding actually. I bought ticket specially to attent it. Tahirah, if you're reading this - you're truly the star of the night! I still can't consume it was actually a garden wedding! Haha.

That's all of us. Great times!

If all have to know (which I don't think is necessary pun), I actually shopped for last night. Thought of buying a kurung/kebaya but ended up a little too casual with an expensive (yes, indeed) blouse and skirt that comes with a great twirl effect! :) Seb baik it was a garden wedding, at night - so I think I was not over or under dress...! But still, I could have put a little more effort and money to look and feel more glamourous.

Best part about last night besides seeing gorgeous Tahirah walking down the red carpet with Hadi was actually bonding and seeing my beloved SAB friends whom I treasured so much! Amy, a doctor and 8 months pregnant, Anis; a lecturer and 5 months pregnant, Za with her fiance whom I first met, Sajidah & Mawarni - my two favourite single ladies...! Great times, I thought we were still that goofy Puteri Islam girls we were back then in SAB... Hihi!

A lil bit of Sajidah (Zukry rabun malam babe, sorry) & with us and the pengantin

Had a little misunderstandings with dearest husband. I'm sorry about this Zukry..., but we were putting expectations and own ideas that we didn't share enough. Zukry was really supportive about me having a great time with my girlfriends when I thought all he could think about was the meet-up with his friends to watch Argentina beaten up by Germany like he planned. So, we went back at around 10.30 PM; instead of waiting a little longer like Tahirah has expected us to do - Shian dia...

Pasangan sedondon lagi bahagia - menanti perut diisi that little person rather than fat. Haha!

Anyway, the weekend felt shorter somehow. What with the maid runaway, the other wedding (KAM's) at Kajang and the sleep on the floor in the living room... Hihi. I miss Zukry already...