Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On a lighter note, London here we come!

That means 37 days to the Friday I can go back to KL and fly off to London on Sunday. Can't wait. We are saying yes to Paris Disneyland. DISNEYLAND tau!


Anonymous said...

great! i forgot to give you the brochures ari tu! i still have the disneyland flyers and the rail map of paris.

...mak tam

Harteeny said...

Yalor. Sibuk sangat mengenjoy the company. Lagipun park tempat lenlain. Akak taksempat pun nk naik the CRV lagi. :)

Nnt lah eh. Nnt tu bila? Tinggal kat rumah mak lah? Akak kena balik umah in-law labor day nnt.