Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday - Only 13 More Working Days

I was at Hasfa's house for only one night afterall... :)

At the moment, I'm psych about having my things to do list slashed out. Well, on personal matters not on work matters. The later won't finish, Ever. Haha! I get to renew my passport today. Went up and down, in and out of the Jabatan Imigresen to copy things. First stop was to get my passport picture taken. I love how technology helps all my pimples go away in my picture. I'm flawless! :) Agak2 tertipu tak orang kastam kat London nnt? Haha!

Then after all that, I make a stop at Miri LHDN to pay off my dues. Well, not yet the paying off part, but at least I'm done with the e-filing thing! A big Yay... Hehehe... All the process with LHDN have been pretty easy thing to me. Everything went out smoothly, starting from getting my e-pin! I made a visit to their counter just to check my historical payment, which was actually none since I haven't paid off 2008 tax! Nasib baik sket je. Beli jeans pun tak lepas :)

I'm also set to visit Cinderella & all other Disney princesses at Disneyland Paris. We bought the ticket last Saturday! What a feeling, I have always wanted to go to Disneyland... I am still watching Disney channel every now and then. So it's pretty much something I just want to do when we decided to have this little trip :) Zukry had that "really?-we-have-to-go-there?" thought but heck, YES we are going!

May is just really nearing and I can't stop but to tick of the calendar every single day. Calculating days to go back to KL for the final preparation. Oh, this week - off to Tanah Semenanjung for a visit to my MIL in Perak. This time, we are driving. Arriving on Thursday night and lepak at Ampang - the next morning only, we driving off to Zukry's hometown. Jangan lupa bawak kain, kena start hantar kain for Raya...! :)

So toodles for now. Will write again soon.

A note to Apis, "I wish it is that simple" :)

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Apis Hilton said...

Disneyland..A Pooh please!!!