Sunday, April 18, 2010

At Home - Not Mine

Hi All :)
Not sure if that smiley is appropriate. It certainly does not reflect the way I'm feeling right now...

Well, first and foremost; I'm in Miri already. Just came back from a lovely weekend with dearest husband for his birthday... Nothing special per say, but seeing him after a week away is worth the time spent which was probably about 30 hours? Kan, Zukry? :)

Most of the time spend at home/restaurant. Rendezvous by the beach eating chicken wing & most of the time, Zukry was clicking away trying my dad's camera that we plan to bring along during our trip next month...

So, why the not-so-great feeling?

I'm now at Hasfa's house. Not that it's a bad thing! (Hasfa, Thank you for letting us squeezed in) It's just that we are still uncomfortable to go back to our house. Izza was not confident. I lost my confidence once I depart from Labuan - basically the security that Zukry brought to me whenever he's around lost to I-don't-know-where. So, we are back to the question onto whether we should move out from that house.

It's not that the house has its own negative vibe... Of course, after such incident (and when you don't know where the b*st**ds entered) we worried about the things that we are unable to justify. Looks like we have to scram in other people place first this week until we regain that confidence and security... I have to also list all the potential area and pro/cons on moving (again)

I have this dream of having my next move only BACK TO KUALA LUMPUR. Not to another house in Miri... I don't only hate the hassle, but that also will somehow an act of saying that I'm going to stay here for another year or two, which I don't like.

I'm tired and I can't sleep. Or I don't want to sleep? This is because of McD's coffee. Maybe... I miss dearest Zukry so much already. Can I be that ngengada? Hehe... Zukry misses me too, cuma dia dah selamat tido :)

Nite everyone. And help us figure out whether we should move or stay?

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Apis Hilton said...

quit ur job & move to kl..happy teeny :)