Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday - Only 13 More Working Days

I was at Hasfa's house for only one night afterall... :)

At the moment, I'm psych about having my things to do list slashed out. Well, on personal matters not on work matters. The later won't finish, Ever. Haha! I get to renew my passport today. Went up and down, in and out of the Jabatan Imigresen to copy things. First stop was to get my passport picture taken. I love how technology helps all my pimples go away in my picture. I'm flawless! :) Agak2 tertipu tak orang kastam kat London nnt? Haha!

Then after all that, I make a stop at Miri LHDN to pay off my dues. Well, not yet the paying off part, but at least I'm done with the e-filing thing! A big Yay... Hehehe... All the process with LHDN have been pretty easy thing to me. Everything went out smoothly, starting from getting my e-pin! I made a visit to their counter just to check my historical payment, which was actually none since I haven't paid off 2008 tax! Nasib baik sket je. Beli jeans pun tak lepas :)

I'm also set to visit Cinderella & all other Disney princesses at Disneyland Paris. We bought the ticket last Saturday! What a feeling, I have always wanted to go to Disneyland... I am still watching Disney channel every now and then. So it's pretty much something I just want to do when we decided to have this little trip :) Zukry had that "really?-we-have-to-go-there?" thought but heck, YES we are going!

May is just really nearing and I can't stop but to tick of the calendar every single day. Calculating days to go back to KL for the final preparation. Oh, this week - off to Tanah Semenanjung for a visit to my MIL in Perak. This time, we are driving. Arriving on Thursday night and lepak at Ampang - the next morning only, we driving off to Zukry's hometown. Jangan lupa bawak kain, kena start hantar kain for Raya...! :)

So toodles for now. Will write again soon.

A note to Apis, "I wish it is that simple" :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

At Home - Not Mine

Hi All :)
Not sure if that smiley is appropriate. It certainly does not reflect the way I'm feeling right now...

Well, first and foremost; I'm in Miri already. Just came back from a lovely weekend with dearest husband for his birthday... Nothing special per say, but seeing him after a week away is worth the time spent which was probably about 30 hours? Kan, Zukry? :)

Most of the time spend at home/restaurant. Rendezvous by the beach eating chicken wing & most of the time, Zukry was clicking away trying my dad's camera that we plan to bring along during our trip next month...

So, why the not-so-great feeling?

I'm now at Hasfa's house. Not that it's a bad thing! (Hasfa, Thank you for letting us squeezed in) It's just that we are still uncomfortable to go back to our house. Izza was not confident. I lost my confidence once I depart from Labuan - basically the security that Zukry brought to me whenever he's around lost to I-don't-know-where. So, we are back to the question onto whether we should move out from that house.

It's not that the house has its own negative vibe... Of course, after such incident (and when you don't know where the b*st**ds entered) we worried about the things that we are unable to justify. Looks like we have to scram in other people place first this week until we regain that confidence and security... I have to also list all the potential area and pro/cons on moving (again)

I have this dream of having my next move only BACK TO KUALA LUMPUR. Not to another house in Miri... I don't only hate the hassle, but that also will somehow an act of saying that I'm going to stay here for another year or two, which I don't like.

I'm tired and I can't sleep. Or I don't want to sleep? This is because of McD's coffee. Maybe... I miss dearest Zukry so much already. Can I be that ngengada? Hehe... Zukry misses me too, cuma dia dah selamat tido :)

Nite everyone. And help us figure out whether we should move or stay?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lot 7368 - Updated

Sarjan Chiu called to report that Izza's purse has been found and suspect has been captured! How amazing is that?

On a lighter note, London here we come!

That means 37 days to the Friday I can go back to KL and fly off to London on Sunday. Can't wait. We are saying yes to Paris Disneyland. DISNEYLAND tau!

Lot 7368 - We found it!

Nak dijadikan cerita, we found Izza's car. Well, at least Miri Police did, and it was parked just behind the police station where we lodged our report. All Izza's belongings that were in the car like her 'Beading Class" stuffs were all untouchable. Including her treasured Yonex badminton sport shoes and heels that we did not forget to report...

It's was not a recovery to what have happened. Now with this really good news, the lost from Saturday unfortunate incident were the handphones & purse. Izza had also successfully renewed all that were necessary like ATM/Credit Cards, Driving License and most importantly, her IC. But to go back home, this Senadin house; together with Izza on Sunday is still somewhat scary. I wish to have Zukry with us, to accompany me for the whole week at least until we are comfortable enough...

The house owner went to see the house on Saturday itself, but made a conclusion since no force entry were found - not to enhance security whatsoever. He was there to just see the damaged done! Hello, isn't that so ignorant of him?! Ish3x...

Anyway, I've been receiving a lot of advices for us to move out and find a safer neighborhood. Is there such thing here in Miri? The gated residence area is expensive! Lutong Baru has its risk too. Nov 2008 post was 1 of the example. Please lah, let me go --- I want to go back when I feel most secured. Home in Ampang :)

So what now?...
Let's me up Zukry this weekend and discuss.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lot 7368

Al-Kisah BENAR : Rumah kami dimasukki pencuri.

Izza lost her car, 2 mobile phones and purse.
I on the other hand have lost nothing, but become terribly scared...

The incident happened when we were at home. When I have actually heard the sound of Izza's car and thought that she has somewhat became so 'semangat' to go to the Walkathon that morning! If only...

Everyone is telling that we were 'pukau-ed', and I don't want to believe it. But it's the only thing that makes sense. Because? Of the many reasons I could not describe here. The Ferrero Roche wraps, the different ASTRO channel, the honk that stupid thieves (or thief) made...

No force entry too! All gates and windows are in perfect condition!

Things happen for a reason. Life goes on. Friends and Family, Take Care.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kuala Lumpur sucked all my money away

The summary of my latest visit back to KL.
Ms Read Blouses at RM 99 (best buy) & RM 74.50 (after 50% discount)
Mark&Spencer jeans at RM129
Bata wedges (Bata je?! :P) at RM70

That does not include all expenses for makan minum! :)
Good food all day everyday... esok kena puasa. haha!
Very minimal work-related thing to entertain... But there was still things to be looked at.

One Utama - IKEA - Mid Valley - The Gardens - KLCC : almost all major shopping complexes covered within 3 days.
malam ni kena balik dah... *boring.