Monday, March 15, 2010

Business and Leisure at Labuan :)

Look! I bought a whole zoo pins from Ujana Kewangan... Each is 50cent only! I bought 7 animals and a muslim girl crying. Hehehe...

Ey. Teeny at home, alone. Just finished doing two rounds of laundry and watching Nasib Labu Labi on TV2. Hihi... After 5 days in Labuan - which was total bliss but hot-hot-hot, I'm at home continuing life as usual... It was really hot and very dry both at Labuan and here too, in Miri. Lucky that we actually decided to stay at a budget hotel during the weekend. Sedap dapat air-cond! :) Zukry, belikan aircond for my room here in Miri, boleh? :P

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