Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's my life, it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever! :)

Love GLEE so much. and my favourite episode will be number 7 - Vitamin d when all the Glee student were on performance enhancers presribe by the self-claimed nurse, isteri of that really-fine cikgu, I love you Mr. Shue!!! :)

I'll repeat that mash up over and over again! It is such a boost to everything! I wish I have it in my Ipod, tapi takter-include pun in the OST. Not sure why...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Business and Leisure at Labuan :)

Look! I bought a whole zoo pins from Ujana Kewangan... Each is 50cent only! I bought 7 animals and a muslim girl crying. Hehehe...

Ey. Teeny at home, alone. Just finished doing two rounds of laundry and watching Nasib Labu Labi on TV2. Hihi... After 5 days in Labuan - which was total bliss but hot-hot-hot, I'm at home continuing life as usual... It was really hot and very dry both at Labuan and here too, in Miri. Lucky that we actually decided to stay at a budget hotel during the weekend. Sedap dapat air-cond! :) Zukry, belikan aircond for my room here in Miri, boleh? :P

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taktau lah ape nama entry ni

Hi everyone. Teeny writing from Miri Airport. Flight to Labuan is retimed from 1800 hours to 2030 hours. How ridiculous is that? I hope Zukry is cooled down when I arrived. He booked seafood gala at Anjung Ketam for us and Kak Laila. Unfortunately, with KakLaila not having ticket to fly tonight (she's in the waiting list) and now that I'm stuck still in Miri; he had to tapau the whole lot for us back to the hotel.

And many thanks to dearest Zukry, I get to sleep in a comfy bed at Waterfront Hotel instead of the budget "Sara" Hotel my company booked for me. How lame! Kufur nikmat nak duk tempat cheapo! Believe me, I've stayed there before...

My Labuan trip is an official trip. I have Tanker Meeting to attend, alone this month. I'm taking an off day this Friday; but i sense that I had to be working nonetheless. Anyway, life goes on... huhu.

Can't wait to fly of to London! Really, can't wait!

Counting down to the actual date is like wedding jitters all over again! BEST!