Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Teeny!

This was a draf tof what i should have posted last long weekend. I had so much time thinking about the worst when it comes to appraisal last week. Couldn't help but complaint, bad Teeny!!!

PPA - rating is very subjective. at this time, all i can do is to look always and always(must remind myself always) at the positive side of things. or everything. off late, it doesn't work but i have to. i mean, there's no other way to it but to think very positive and actually put forward a 2 rated quality of work.

going back to KL - it doesn't seem to be going anywhere at this very moment. i had my "OMG, Iraq!" moments but those have passed and i just got to be on the move again to get to KL. And these moves, includes a sacrifice to go into non-technical departments and simply leaving my engineering background somewhere behind... and also, this means a change of everything. but hopefully for a better change:
1. tinggal bersama
2. beli rumah
3. build family
4. more time with love ones (that include real friends)

Emotionally unstable at the time. Still is, i think. But life goes on. decided to track back what had happened to me this few months... I realize that I'm relying too much onto someone/something. and that's really bad, i feel like I'm not strong, definitely the opposite of independent, just plain --- following-the-leader-but-not-too-hard mode.

Can anyone guess how that is like?

Zukry made a good point --- he always is. He is that someone that i'm relying too much to (BTW)
- about happiness comes from self not others. the example was about how a secretary who hates what she was doing suddenly so hype up about resigning that she did everything right, and people love her on her last month working... (a month notice to resign) | True to the roots. Memang sendiri mahu ingat.

So kesimpulan for today's entry, be happy. because you want to!

BTW, congratulations to Shamina for her little Baby Girl, Sharifa Safeerah. and Qistin on her pregnancy. I'm on my way people, just wait. InsyaAllah! :)