Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Long Weekends

Let me share with you what I did last four weekends.
As we all had enjoyed, we had 3 long weekends back to back! I am going to share four weekends’ stories with you.

12-13 Dec 2009
I had the opportunity to go back to KL twice in December. The first one, when I had to represent SKO every month to our Tanker Meeting. That was on Thursday and Friday. So as usual I planned to stay for the weekend in KL even without Zukry. Unfortunately, no ticket was available for me to return back on Sunday night. As previously mentioned in a few entries back; the Airasia ticket was damn expensive as well. So, I diverted to Labuan. At RM200, I went back to Miri – made Visu pick me up and woke up super early to catch the earliest flight to Labuan. Zukry wasn’t so keen on the ideas, as he had quite a few things lined up; but I made myself busy pampering for a RM20 facial and RM45 hair treatment! Cheap kan?

18-20 Dec 2009
This is the first long weekend. Friday was Awal Muharram. I was already at home on Thursday night. The next morning I wanted American Breakfast instead of the usual AU2 Nasi Lemak breakfast I love so much. So Mak and I drove all the way to OU. To us, hip (– that means RICH) people hangs out there, thus American breakfast should be easy to find in that area. But we ended up at Coffee Bean OU! Kalau Coffee Bean, kat Ampang Point pun ada... hehehe. But I get to have my bagel and cream cheese. Sedapnya! Joined Mak’s ex-boss table and talked mostly on travelling, best...
Pick up Zukry at noon and went straight to visit his uncle and aunty at Bukit Beruntung. We never get to do the bertandang thing after our ‘kenduri’ in Perak, so we thought this should be ideal-lah. Actually there are more homes to visit, but let’s just start with 2 first.

19 Dec – The ultimate purpose of going back, Huda’s Kenduri Kahwin. We missed her majlis in Terengganu, so I have to make the ‘Majlis Bertandang’. She was so pretty in blue. It was raining when we arrived and I slumber-dog masuk bilik pengantin because the other couple (Huda’s SIL was ‘bersanding’ at that time.) It was actually awkward, mostly because Huda’s husband; Hafiez is a stranger to me. I have never known him, never met him, I only heard stories... I felt stiff, I can’t hug her as much as I want, do crazy things like I always do, just plain weird. But she looked happy though... Happiest, I’m sure. Now, they are continuing living teacher’s life, educating children in Penjom, Kuala Lipis. Hihi...

25-27 December 2009
Christmas Holiday. MakTam and family left for London at this time, Mak/Bpk/Baby/Mizan left for Singapore while we were queuing up at Jetty Labuan for a ferry to Menumbok, Sabah. We didn’t get to be in the waiting list for the early morning ferry so we hang around until the next one at 1330 hours (plus almost 2 hours delay)

The ferry was alright. But it was really crowded with families, couples, budak2, orang tua... We were among the early ones so we got to park at the very front. The PSP ran out of battery, Ipod battery was almost dying too, so again – we just enjoy each other’s company, mostly shared on work-related issues, complaining... Hehehe. It took another 2 hours to reach Kota Kinabalu after we docked at Menumbok and that’s when we had a little misunderstanding, just to find where 1Borneo was. Apparently, the place is not registered in Garmin, our little map that we trusted so much! Mana satu kereta Zukry? claimed that Memey & Norman Hakin is pasangan bahagia 2009. Bluwek 3x! We are...!! Hehe... (Tp kitorang tak popular ah)

And there we go, pasangan paling bahagia 2009 on para-sailing. Awesome experience!

Manukan was awesome! The place was serene even when packed with people. The fishes were too many kinds in so many colours... Para-sailing was AMAZING. Being the first couple to fly that Saturday, being on air when all were busy snorkelling around, what a feeling! Zukry rented a safety jacket for snorkelling, while I dengan eksyennya without. Hehehe... We bought a long loaf of bread, which cost us only RM2.50 in Labuan to feed the fishes. They were oh-so-many! Giler best... I love the boat rides too. Winds blowing ~ memang de-stressed.
We can only manage 1 island this time, but definitely visiting again soon... After Manukan, we just enjoy the city and 1Borneo itself. Nine West was having sale, RM99 per pair of shoe! My strong will for our trip abroad disallow me to buy any. To make the trip even more relaxing, we watched a feel good movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks – The squekquel.

1-3 January 2010
When everybody welcomes 2010 with fireworks, we were in Miri Star Cineplex watching Avatar. I am amazed with the graphic details and ideas/fantasies that they portrayed in the film but I wasn’t in liking of blue mixed people-animal, Navi. Huhu...
We drove to Brunei for the first time, and enjoyed Seria ---

Oops, times up. Landing time, toodles

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