Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am neither here nor there

Hi All,

I've been extremely busy and put under so much pressure this month. I haven't got to really enjoy my birthday. Not even when Zukry was around, because there was nothing special going on. Izza did treat me on a birthday dinner --- a small gesture but meant a lot. Zukry's attempt on treating me doughnuts (requested, as opposed to cake) was not a success... Sorry dear, it was not "special"... BTW, I'm claiming my birthday give in UK later OK. A promise is a promise...

Like I've mentioned in my previous post, the birthday was all about a proposal for Iraq that was tempting but still a long deliberation and thought was made into it until the submission on my CV. However, according to my SM; besides searching for a muslim executive - a girl might lost to a guy in term of safety requirement (But since my name was proposed; I thought that was already something. I made some impact in my small contribution to the company --- please gag, i don't mind. Hehehe...)

If this Iraq thing is not working (I'm still half hoping for the oversea assignment) I want to pursue for a transfer to KL and today, for the gazillionth times; I repeated my request to my SM yet again. I hope she will remember that. Zukry is pursuing PRSB, so i should be doing the same...

Anyway, a tiring week with a lot of hassle of dealing with negative people. But at least I'm writing! :) I'm waiting for Zukry to datang this Jumaat petang! And since Labuan will be off for Federal day on Monday; he's staying for an extra 1 day... Yeay!!!

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