Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am neither here nor there

Hi All,

I've been extremely busy and put under so much pressure this month. I haven't got to really enjoy my birthday. Not even when Zukry was around, because there was nothing special going on. Izza did treat me on a birthday dinner --- a small gesture but meant a lot. Zukry's attempt on treating me doughnuts (requested, as opposed to cake) was not a success... Sorry dear, it was not "special"... BTW, I'm claiming my birthday give in UK later OK. A promise is a promise...

Like I've mentioned in my previous post, the birthday was all about a proposal for Iraq that was tempting but still a long deliberation and thought was made into it until the submission on my CV. However, according to my SM; besides searching for a muslim executive - a girl might lost to a guy in term of safety requirement (But since my name was proposed; I thought that was already something. I made some impact in my small contribution to the company --- please gag, i don't mind. Hehehe...)

If this Iraq thing is not working (I'm still half hoping for the oversea assignment) I want to pursue for a transfer to KL and today, for the gazillionth times; I repeated my request to my SM yet again. I hope she will remember that. Zukry is pursuing PRSB, so i should be doing the same...

Anyway, a tiring week with a lot of hassle of dealing with negative people. But at least I'm writing! :) I'm waiting for Zukry to datang this Jumaat petang! And since Labuan will be off for Federal day on Monday; he's staying for an extra 1 day... Yeay!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A year older

The main story of turning a year wiser this 2010 were: Firstly; Inventory Management at our terminal --- which unfortunately people look at myself at fault, and secondly; an oversea attachment to consider - Iraq. Nothing is set on stone yet, but my birthday was about that. I'm glad Zukry came for the weekend. His company compensate the tense I was in the whole week. Hope to get to see him again this weekend, if 'duit' permits J

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Long Weekends - Cont...

I was sitting beside my Senior Manager on my way back to Miri. I have planned to watch Gossip Girls (Thanks to Maktam for sharing Season 3) and continue writing on my trip to Brunei, but couldn’t. Malu-lah... kang ada orang tinjau2 pulak. But he was occupied with “Slumdog Millionaire” on his mini MP4 actually... Hehehe...

Let’s see, I stopped at Seria. Oh BTW, I’m currently watching “Nazi Death Squad” on National Geographic channel. Not the HD channel like at home, but the normal one. HD was awesome, if anyone is interested to see every bit of everything – go Astro B-yond.

Zukry’s comment on our visit to Brunei was that he will never go again unless “terpaksa”. Huhu... Quite inappropriate but at least he’s honest. We were at the 1 billion barrels monument and had great fun taking pictures in the heat! Zukry was fascinated by the donkey pump at a live well... Nodding donkey... A live well just beside a carpark! Amazing, no?

That's us. Jumping like nobody's business, noone was around; so why not. I was in my tube dress from

After the monument and donkey pumps, we were still very interested to see the petrochemical plants. We passed by Seria Terminal, the refinery, Total Onshore plant, BLNG and of course, out of nowhere we found what Zukry was in Brunei for; Brunei Methanol. It was new, so shiny in silver. Mana boleh suka-suki masuk. So, tengok dari jauh ajelah...

After all that, we went straight to BSB. Nope, not the Backstreet Boys, but Bandar Seri Begawan. Hehe. The city was boring, I introduced Zukry to Jollibee but he wasn’t impressed. We went to the shopping complex, and he wasn’t impress again (I don’t blame him, I don’t enjoy them as well) We stopped at both luxurious mosque there, with the think carpet, air-cond, etc...

We did buy fake Croc jibbits for 50cent each. That’s about RM1++, oklah kan. I bought 4 scarves for $10 while Zukry bought Adidas T-shirt at $11 – fair and square. Itu ajelah...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Long Weekends

Let me share with you what I did last four weekends.
As we all had enjoyed, we had 3 long weekends back to back! I am going to share four weekends’ stories with you.

12-13 Dec 2009
I had the opportunity to go back to KL twice in December. The first one, when I had to represent SKO every month to our Tanker Meeting. That was on Thursday and Friday. So as usual I planned to stay for the weekend in KL even without Zukry. Unfortunately, no ticket was available for me to return back on Sunday night. As previously mentioned in a few entries back; the Airasia ticket was damn expensive as well. So, I diverted to Labuan. At RM200, I went back to Miri – made Visu pick me up and woke up super early to catch the earliest flight to Labuan. Zukry wasn’t so keen on the ideas, as he had quite a few things lined up; but I made myself busy pampering for a RM20 facial and RM45 hair treatment! Cheap kan?

18-20 Dec 2009
This is the first long weekend. Friday was Awal Muharram. I was already at home on Thursday night. The next morning I wanted American Breakfast instead of the usual AU2 Nasi Lemak breakfast I love so much. So Mak and I drove all the way to OU. To us, hip (– that means RICH) people hangs out there, thus American breakfast should be easy to find in that area. But we ended up at Coffee Bean OU! Kalau Coffee Bean, kat Ampang Point pun ada... hehehe. But I get to have my bagel and cream cheese. Sedapnya! Joined Mak’s ex-boss table and talked mostly on travelling, best...
Pick up Zukry at noon and went straight to visit his uncle and aunty at Bukit Beruntung. We never get to do the bertandang thing after our ‘kenduri’ in Perak, so we thought this should be ideal-lah. Actually there are more homes to visit, but let’s just start with 2 first.

19 Dec – The ultimate purpose of going back, Huda’s Kenduri Kahwin. We missed her majlis in Terengganu, so I have to make the ‘Majlis Bertandang’. She was so pretty in blue. It was raining when we arrived and I slumber-dog masuk bilik pengantin because the other couple (Huda’s SIL was ‘bersanding’ at that time.) It was actually awkward, mostly because Huda’s husband; Hafiez is a stranger to me. I have never known him, never met him, I only heard stories... I felt stiff, I can’t hug her as much as I want, do crazy things like I always do, just plain weird. But she looked happy though... Happiest, I’m sure. Now, they are continuing living teacher’s life, educating children in Penjom, Kuala Lipis. Hihi...

25-27 December 2009
Christmas Holiday. MakTam and family left for London at this time, Mak/Bpk/Baby/Mizan left for Singapore while we were queuing up at Jetty Labuan for a ferry to Menumbok, Sabah. We didn’t get to be in the waiting list for the early morning ferry so we hang around until the next one at 1330 hours (plus almost 2 hours delay)

The ferry was alright. But it was really crowded with families, couples, budak2, orang tua... We were among the early ones so we got to park at the very front. The PSP ran out of battery, Ipod battery was almost dying too, so again – we just enjoy each other’s company, mostly shared on work-related issues, complaining... Hehehe. It took another 2 hours to reach Kota Kinabalu after we docked at Menumbok and that’s when we had a little misunderstanding, just to find where 1Borneo was. Apparently, the place is not registered in Garmin, our little map that we trusted so much! Mana satu kereta Zukry? claimed that Memey & Norman Hakin is pasangan bahagia 2009. Bluwek 3x! We are...!! Hehe... (Tp kitorang tak popular ah)

And there we go, pasangan paling bahagia 2009 on para-sailing. Awesome experience!

Manukan was awesome! The place was serene even when packed with people. The fishes were too many kinds in so many colours... Para-sailing was AMAZING. Being the first couple to fly that Saturday, being on air when all were busy snorkelling around, what a feeling! Zukry rented a safety jacket for snorkelling, while I dengan eksyennya without. Hehehe... We bought a long loaf of bread, which cost us only RM2.50 in Labuan to feed the fishes. They were oh-so-many! Giler best... I love the boat rides too. Winds blowing ~ memang de-stressed.
We can only manage 1 island this time, but definitely visiting again soon... After Manukan, we just enjoy the city and 1Borneo itself. Nine West was having sale, RM99 per pair of shoe! My strong will for our trip abroad disallow me to buy any. To make the trip even more relaxing, we watched a feel good movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks – The squekquel.

1-3 January 2010
When everybody welcomes 2010 with fireworks, we were in Miri Star Cineplex watching Avatar. I am amazed with the graphic details and ideas/fantasies that they portrayed in the film but I wasn’t in liking of blue mixed people-animal, Navi. Huhu...
We drove to Brunei for the first time, and enjoyed Seria ---

Oops, times up. Landing time, toodles

Great 2010!

Dear Readers,

To date, I think I have drafted quite a few entries on various occasions but unfortunately; they remain in my head. I never did write them down nor share them here with all of you.

Whatever it is, I hope it’s not too late to wish everyone a Happy 2010. I hope this year will bring more joyous things and happiness to us all. May it be the Best year yet! As usual, new year is the time to actually rejuvenate with all kinds of promises made, goals to achieve, resolutions and resolutions... I announced to the world via Facebook that I have 3 goals that I will put my best efforts to this 2010.

First, is to travel abroad with my beloved husband. Yes, we already had our honeymoon last year immediately after the wedding; and it was magical time. Surreal most of the time but “memang giler best”! So this 2010, we want to go even further away, try looking at a different culture, simply ‘jenjalan’ to other parts of the world. This will be Zukry’s first time travelling abroad (Brunei doesn’t count) and my few times... Very few times. We are very excited. We have planned line up, we contacted everyone we know to find a spot to pitch in, Google-d everything we need to know, calculate things, basically – really just preparing ourselves for it. I for one, has not been spending that much since we made our commitment that was when we bought the ticket!

Oh except when I bought this Mini Pink Dell last weekend! This is almost essential since my HP decided to quit on me due to motherboard failure.

Moving on to my second goal, living together. We have already thought about this even before the wedding, but at that point of time of course making it all legal is more important and this could wait for maybe 6 – 12 months. 12 Dec 2009 marked our 6 months together and we just got to start the efforts to find ways to somehow live together. I’ve already talked to many people on my movement to KL, so that I could be with my family while Zukry maintains in Labuan. At least I don’t have to pay rent when I stay in Ampang. Kan, Mak?  Many also have looked at it as a big risk, with all the rumours on appraisal will be affected lah, ‘considered new’ thus susah nak naik lah, etc. So, we thought let’s give SKO a try. That is bringing Zukry from Labuan to Miri. As of today, according to a manager where Zukry is interested to be in; no vacant position for him to fill in except maybe a spot in Bintulu. But hello, if he has to be in Bintulu; might as well stay in Labuan aje. At least, the island is duty free. Hehe...So next week, I’m going to meet her personally again. See what she has to say when she received his CV (agak gempak CV mamat ni *proud)

Next up, Baby... a baby of my own. Building our family, after maybe a year of enjoying each other’s company; we thought of moving on to add another. This I think we have to be at our healthiest, which sad to say; I definitely am Not. Must work harder on this! Some people say it’s a piece of cake; some just don’t go through the same kind of luck. As for me, i guess the first thing is to get the menstrual cycle right. I have already start ticking my calendar since our wedding last time, consult a doctor, read articles (not much, I even bought a book already! ape ek nama buku tu... sama cam Rachel from FRIENDS read “What to expect when you’re expecting”), etc. In my eyes, Zukry could be a really good father; not sure about myself though. Again, must try harder. I enjoy spending time with Iman Iffah, KakLaila’s daughter. I didn’t pamper her as much as her father did, but I just really like the fact, she enjoys my company too. Iman Iqbal is not a bad too. Now that he can finally walk, he’s just growing to be such an adorable boy with that smile that only shows his 2 out of 6 teeth. Hihi... I called them, the Imans. (I must start finding names too.. ngengada pulak~)

So, those are my 3 major goals this year. I understand the fact that I have to work on the little things to reach these 3 goals. Like eating healthy, exercise, read more, write more, love more, practise self discipline, save more, plan and follow what was planned, etc. I think these 3 are achievable. I just need support, and I’m pretty sure that also will come from my loved ones, kan? insyaAllah, amin...

This 2010 also marked another wedding year. Two of my good friends are almost definitely getting married. Tahirah & Zalina were both engaged last year, and planning to get married this year. What month again? I have to buy tickets already! And my dearest friend, (a great school teacher, kan?) and dearest housemate (who’s playing Sudoku beside me, oh BTW; I’m writing on AirAsia from MYY to KUL) let’s find the best guy for you gals, this year...!

My birthday is coming. In 8 days, I’m turning another year young-er. Huhu. What do I ask this birthday? It is for Zukry to be in MYY on the day itself. But already confirmed he’s coming on 15th, instead of 14th. 14th is still a working day anyways... hehe. Other than that, I welcome USD, Euros, and Pounds if anyone plans to give present. (Grin - :))

I think that will be for my post on 2010.

Signing off,