Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teeny is back!

I'm alive and heavier by seconds :)

Hi everyone, it has been quite a while. I was up and about these days. I won't say that work has consumed me; I was just invisible in the WWW. I have time to facebook, read blogs, online shopping, but I was just not in the mood of writing.

Anyhoo... I'm in Miri, just waiting the laundry to be done. Visu is inviting me for dinner tonight, i had said NO to her yesterday, so I don't want to disappoint her again today. If not tonight, it'll be next week because tomorrow my husband is coming! :) Although, i should be eating dinner nowadays. Kilos / pounds are just adding up, fatty-fatty bom bom!!!

Oh, one thing that is exciting is planning on a second honeymoon. Huhu. I want to see how that will go this weekend. But Zukry said he needs to study for his ACD - howlah! hehehe...

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