Friday, December 11, 2009

Jangan biasakan sangat "weekend" bersama

Yeah, sekarang ni; akak dah selalu sangat dapat peluang jumpa Zukry. Almost every weekend; mesti dapat that chance (On my ipod right now "Take a chance...." - Abba, Hehehe...)

Last week, Zukry was in Miri; transit before off to Bintulu for his second ACD. The plan was to study, mengulangkaji teori2 yang sepatutnya tahu sebagai seorang Chemist. However, we ended up planning for our second honeymoon; abroad! Since the first one was a bit too short and well; domestic. Huhu...

This week, i was supposed to have the weekend in KL because of the opportunity haveing a meeting on a Thursday and Friday. Tapi apakan daya, abis semua tiket. AirAsia tinggal tiket yang RM700 je, gile mahal. So there goes my plan to stay. So immediately thinking of diverting to Labuan instead. Bought the ticket and tomorrow morning, off to meet dearest Zukry. (Whom BTW wasn't very keen on his surprise plan. I guess his plans with his PML friends were ruin kot kalo I datang... Kecik hati jugaklah being second tiba2. But whatever-lah, merajuk jelah. ape lagi)

Next week, balik KL together (not in the same flight) To attend a BFF wedding, Huda & Hafiz in Sg Ramal, Kajang.

And then, the next weekend, off to KOTA KINABALU. bercuti jugak.

and then, the next weekend, in Miri together lagi...

Come January - bila takde peluang ni lagi - menangis sorang2 kat Miri....


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