Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is up, Teeny?

Dearest Reader,
Thank you so much for still clicking to the blog, I’m sure to find out what Teeny is up to. But, to even my dismay there was no update since FOREVER... well, that’s alright. I’ll try to fill in the gap of about a month leaving the space at status quo.
There was the Shawal. The first Shawal as a wife, going back to both Lipis and Batu Pahat was fun. I didn’t have to really introduced Zukry as most of the people I visited were already at the wedding last June. The best part was actually the night I reached KL, where we stopped at Jalan TAR to find a matching Kurung as apparently the glamorous chiffon modern kurung I tailor made was not going to be ready by Saturday (a day before raya) A first trip for all of us (Baby, Zukry and me) and yes, it was packed!!!
But it turned out; my dress was ready as promised; therefore the RM80 Kurung turned into my 4th Raya dress. I get to parade the new dress matching with my husband baju melayu. The materials were a gift from each other during our engagement exactly a year ago on 11th October 09!
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. I’ll keep on updating soon...

Berpuasa at Bagan Serai. Everyday Pasar Ramadhan. And so cheap too!!!

Matching-matching with Mizan before MakTam's doa selamat kenduri and buka puasa

Giler-giler remaja tua

Stuck in the lift. Trying our best to not panic, took pictures!

Pterigyum Removal at Ampang Putri Specialist Centre. Seram sejuk, but all went well.

Suami bersiap utk berhari raya.

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