Friday, October 23, 2009

Going back for even the weekend is just exciting

I'm going back at 6.20 AM today. I was supposed to be enjoying myself at Beyonce's concert this Sunday but it turned out that the concert was postponed or was it cancelled? Em, not sure already but I am still going back tomorrow... Ticket bought for RM240 return MAS/AirAsia - so why waste? :)

Apparently the plan was to go to Lembaga Tabung Haji to open an account. Yeah, Hartini hasn't register - agak melampau but I'm doing it tomorrow insyaAllah. Mak is picking me up at KL Sentral so; yay! I think shopping is going to wait as i am not "rich" anymore and is hould be spending a little less than before now... asyik berbelanja aje - ape cite? Ntah...

Oh, and i won't get to meet my dearest husband this week. He was not keen on joining the concert despite pujukan demi pujukan; so i aje yang balik. He'll be in Labuan doing nothing? No plan at the moment, but he just to Futsal again after so long just now. i guess no PSP means Futsal lah kot, if not 24/7 dengan PSP aje. (BTW< i have the PSP with me now. Playing PATAPON non-stop! fun-fun-fun!!!

My friends in Miri (you know who you are) are going to have a fun and exciting weekend too... Wishing them the best weekend EVER too! i know i may able to top theirs but at least i'll be in KL...

BTW, wiht the FY ending this March i have been forced to think about leaving Miri. and with the new policy and what not; i really got to make a decision fast and do something about it. statt thinking and doing things baby!!! don't wait for anyone or anything... it won't happen that way, you know that... susah lah adulthood... sape cakap best????

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