Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm missing people lesser nowadays. It worries me, somehow... I don't want to. Whether I was too occupied with everything that has been happening, or the fact that I get to see Zukry every week... I don't want to miss others any less. Maybe I should call other people / start emailing for no reason.

This week was supposed to be about attending Accelerated Capability Development (ACD) Assessment. It was supposed to be the IT of the week. I wasn't really paying attention to it until this week... My session was even cancelled because of my negligence, lucky that I sources to undo the cancellation thing. Phhewww! Even with knowing and fully aware of going to be ACDized, we had a mini house warming party on Saturday! Hihi... Zukry was here, brought kilos of prawns and squids - so Izza made Mee Goreng and our guests were all girls... ;) Kesian Zukry, takde kawan.

My assessment was not due until today morning. But yesterday, I was informed the assessors wanted me to slot in for their free session in the morning. I was shocked and surprised, but so 50-50 about going/not going. I can talk to them, negotiate about it's not fair to just call me up like that... but eventually, I agree with people who mentioned will there be much different today/tomorrow. So yay, I am just so done and deal with it now... I thought i did better than my last assessment, so atleast that's something.

I'm off to Labuan tomorrow to celebrate. Haha! Pathetic kan? macam takde cerita lain. if not work, zukry, lalala - boring.

Oh I'm GYM-ing now. Lunch hour. Wish that i could sustain the energy and motivation, yeah...


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