Sunday, August 16, 2009

Third Ramadhan in Miri, Sarawak...

Third ramadhan is different in Miri

One... is because I'm now residing at a different house. With only Izza on weekdays and with Zukry every other weekends. Which is fine insyaAllah... The distance is somewhat bugging us at the moment. We have been in our Managers radar for coming in about 15 mins late every other day! Yikes...

Two... is because I'm now with a reponsible of a wife. Not sure if I have been delivering that well enough. but judging to the ever increasing kilos, I'm happier somehow... Haha!

6 days fasting, I'm just missing home more and more. Kuala Lumpur, panggillah daku pulang! :) BTW, Izza and I opened our own Surau at our little house last 2 days for terawih. We have to go to Lutong, which is the whole way to the office; to get to the nearest Masjid. So instead of driving back, Izza "imam"kan solat terawih. I bloghopped and searched for the bacaan selawat after every 2 rakaat to become the not-pro Bilal. Hihihi... Izza is fantastic, she recited all kind of surah! I'm just amazed and felt so little as a "makmum"....

Tomorrow is Friday, yay! That means another day to pass before I get to meet dearest husband again. This time, we are meeting at KLIA! But we will not be around KL, straight to Penang and then, heading to Perak; to his mum's. Yeap, puasa at Bagan Serai; so that raya will be on my side KL-Lipis-Bt Pahat. Smart tak? ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Haze in Miri

The haze is getting worse here in Miri. Particularly at my house area in Desa Senadin Phase 5. Apparently, according to Kak Ada there were some kawasan lalang/terbiar terbakar. The smoke is really just intolerable.

I had to wear mask to open my house gate! That is like a few meters away from the door. Sigh... I think good move that the HSE dept is providing mask (not that i could not afford one, i bought my own for H1N1 before at Guardian...)

If terbakar sendiri, i tak kesah sangat. Tapi kalau bakar sendiri, sakit hati betul... tak paham2 ke?!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

TeenyrkuZ : Together and Apart

I miss my flight. My flight to Labuan on Friday evening. Zukry was really pissed off, I guess he was even more devastated than I was. I cried the whole night thinking how this procrastination somehow just grew bigger without me realizing it.

I knew i had a meeting that evening. A meeting that I was the focal person, the secretary, the presenter, the Everything to make it work but I never pack the night before... Even with that someone religiously reminding, I never actually pack anything.

So I missed my flight. My 1910 flight.

Woke up really early yesterday, went off to the airport. I think I reached the airport at 6 AM! Everyone I know is still asleep, i think! Bought a ticket at the counter, immediately checked in, bought a cup of Starbucks coffee for Izza (THANK YOU!) who is my airport driver EVERYTIME and flew off to meet dearest husband.

As expected, Zukry was really devastated about me leaving a day after. I mean, yeah - (I) wasted one night in Miri alone when I could have been there with him... I understand. I get a lot of nasihat, motivational talk from him. He’s just being him. All organized.
Weekend was always great with Zukry. A gazillion times of merajuk –yang-dipujuk... Well, the long-distance-relationships doesn’t really help in “pujuk-memujuk”; might as well lah. But Labuan is still with the water problem. It’s challenging to become a wife there. So, most of the time I acted almost like the girlfriend, not the wife. Lepak aje memanjang while the host masaklah, kemaslah, itulah, inilah... :P But he had my Mee Kungfu yang yummy lagi rangup... Cukuplah kan.

Work has been really consuming. I think I have been working my a*s off since I came back from the long holiday (wedding leave) Like it’s never ending, I finished one and I have 20 more waiting! Crazy... Zukry was really frustrated with the fact that my duty phone keeps on ringing even when I’m there. But work is work. I can still deal with it right now, I don’t know if I will ever explode!
I’m going to mark my calendar this week.
Monday : Work in Miri; Zukry in KL
Tuesday : Work in Miri; Zukry in KL
Wednesday : Work @Kidurong Club, Bintulu; Zukry at Labuan
Thursday : Work in Miri; Zukry at Labuan
Friday : Work in Miri; but most importantly, GET TO PICK ZUKRY at the airport!

Yap, we are meeting again next weekend!!!
Alangkah indah di waktu malam, burung bersiul ... lalalala (from Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk) I would have been wearing COACH handbag from all the money I spend for MASWings tickets!!!

I have been hogging him with questions “sampai bila...?, what is our next plan? Should I be in Labuan? Should you move to Miri? Do you want to continue with your PhD? Shoud I continue my study, just because...?” and there are really, no straight answer to that.

For me to be asking my boss, “Hey boss, you think you can let me go because I need to be with my family” will invite to answer like “Tu pasal ada this new policies... rugilah...”

I guess I’m too chickened out to go and actually seize any opportunity! WHY???!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm missing people lesser nowadays. It worries me, somehow... I don't want to. Whether I was too occupied with everything that has been happening, or the fact that I get to see Zukry every week... I don't want to miss others any less. Maybe I should call other people / start emailing for no reason.

This week was supposed to be about attending Accelerated Capability Development (ACD) Assessment. It was supposed to be the IT of the week. I wasn't really paying attention to it until this week... My session was even cancelled because of my negligence, lucky that I sources to undo the cancellation thing. Phhewww! Even with knowing and fully aware of going to be ACDized, we had a mini house warming party on Saturday! Hihi... Zukry was here, brought kilos of prawns and squids - so Izza made Mee Goreng and our guests were all girls... ;) Kesian Zukry, takde kawan.

My assessment was not due until today morning. But yesterday, I was informed the assessors wanted me to slot in for their free session in the morning. I was shocked and surprised, but so 50-50 about going/not going. I can talk to them, negotiate about it's not fair to just call me up like that... but eventually, I agree with people who mentioned will there be much different today/tomorrow. So yay, I am just so done and deal with it now... I thought i did better than my last assessment, so atleast that's something.

I'm off to Labuan tomorrow to celebrate. Haha! Pathetic kan? macam takde cerita lain. if not work, zukry, lalala - boring.

Oh I'm GYM-ing now. Lunch hour. Wish that i could sustain the energy and motivation, yeah...