Monday, July 27, 2009

Ayam-ayam yang telah di"ayam"kan

Whenever Zukry told me that he was going for futsal game or training, I was always in not a good modd thinking that he would leave me and not calling after or before the game (which is actually the usual thing)... So i was thinking, he must be the star. He loves the game so much that i believe that he is somehow among the best player.

But Zukry dalam Team Ayam B last weekend. Apahal??? Hehehe... rupa-rupanya his passion tak sampai dalam permainan. Tapi dia tetap hebat beraksi, ada wife kan luar court kot.

Team Ayam B tak kemana pun. Team Ayam A pun setakat tempat ketiga. So mereka inilah ayam-ayam yang telah di"ayam"kan ;)

Ayams, jangan marah. i know you played your best! I was there.

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